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Electric Car Charger Installation in Farmer's Branch, Texas

Providing Power to Your Electric Vehicle

More drivers are opting for electrical vehicles today than ever before. For these drivers, the best way to charge the vehicle quickly and get the best range is by installing a dedicated EV charger in the home. It’s possible to charge vehicles with a standard outlet, but an EV charger installation done by the professionals at Milestone makes it easy to do more with the vehicle and charge it faster.


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Electric Charger Installation from Milestone

The top choice for an electric car charger installation in Farmers Branch is Milestone. We have a dedicated team of professionals who handle all types of electrical work and who have been helping customers for many years. We can make sure the new charger installation delivers the desired performance levels and helps you charge the vehicle faster.

All of the Electrician at Milestone have licenses and are trained to provide better customer service. We are always upfront with the pricing, so you don’t have to worry about hidden fees or extra costs. Reach out to Milestone today and get a quote to see how we can help you install a new charger.

Why's an EV Charger Necessary?

There are limitations to using a standard outlet. While it can be done, the standard 12-amp, 120-volt outlet won’t charge the vehicle in a reasonable time. Even with it charging overnight, the vehicle will not be fully charged. In fact, drivers may only be able to get around 50 miles from the vehicle after it charges overnight on a standard charger. However, a level 2 electric car charger can make a huge difference and enable the vehicle to charge much faster. Since these chargers are 240 volts, they drastically decrease the time it takes to reach a full charge.

There are various level 2 chargers available, ranging from 12 to 48 amps. At 16 amps, it’s possible to cut the time it takes to fully charge the vehicle in half. At 40 amps, the vehicle only takes a sixth of the time to fully charge compared to a regular outlet in the home.

With a new EV charger, there are new possibilities, as well. For instance, these chargers include an app. It’ll be possible to check the current charge, set any delays that may be needed, and adjust the current used to charge the car if needed.

With an Electric Car Charger installation, it’s possible to go anywhere and not have to worry about relying on public charging stations, since the vehicle charges fast at home. With a level 2 charger installed by Milestone, you can do more with your electric vehicle.

The Issue With Circuits

The electricity used to operate the charger comes from the home’s electrical system. This passes through the electrical panel, so the electrical panel must have sufficient capacity to handle it. If the panel doesn’t, the result is that the circuits will trip or the vehicle won’t charge at all.

For the fastest chargers, it may be necessary to upgrade the electrical panel. If this isn’t desired, a smaller charger may still work to charge the vehicle faster without the panel needing to be upgraded. At Milestone, one of our professionals can review all of the options and help you determine what’s right for the home.

If the EV charger installation does require upgrading the electric panel, the experienced professionals at Milestone can handle it safely. We offer electric panel upgrades for a number of reasons, so we can give you a quote for the work that needs to be done.

John Mendoza did excellent work. He is pleasant, professional and diligent. I recommend him highly....
— Bill Field

Let Milestone ‘Fix it in a Flash' for You!

New EV Charger Installation in Farmers Branch

No matter if your panel needs to be upgraded or not to handle the installation, we’ll make sure the charger is installed properly and works as expected while we are there. At Milestone, our licensed professionals can handle any charger installation and will do so with care. We make sure you can get fast charging without compromising the safety of your electrical system.

Our team has done many charger installations before, so we know how to help you pick out the best charger for your vehicle. No matter if you have a vehicle that’s a hybrid or fully electric, we’ll make sure you get the right model to charge it fast. We can even help you plan for the future if you may upgrade your vehicle.

If you’re ready to install an EV car charger, get in touch with the Electricians from Milestone today. We’ll go over your options and give you a quote for the EV car charger installation in Farmers Branch.

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