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The Do’s and Don’ts of Your Air Quality

On average the air outside of the home can be cleaner than the air inside. That is, unless you properly take care of all the parts in a home that need to be cleaned and cared for properly. Air Conditioning Technicians will make sure your unit is running smoothly. Our Indoor Air Quality Technicians will clean your air ducts, so you stay breathing freely! Here are a few things our Indoor Air Quality Technicians recommend that every homeowner should consider for home upkeep.

1. Clean the Supply and Return Vents

When changing your air filters on the regular (click here for info on when to do that) our technicians recommend that you also clean the vent itself. If too much dust, debris, and particles get stuck in there the unit will continue to struggle even though you’ve already changed out the air filter.

2. Add a Date to Your Air Filter

Although you may be changing your air filter on the regular it doesn’t hurt to keep the date written on each one. Often, time goes quickly, and it can be easy to forget when the last time you changed your air filter was. Having the date written on each air filter will help you keep track of every change 

3. Use Less Caulk

When building a home, replacing vents, or getting your ceiling work done- our technicians recommend using the caulking around your vent moderately. Too much sealant could glue the vent to the ceiling and cause damage when removing it for cleaning the air ducts.

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