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HVAC Myth Busters #1

Our technicians regularly run into home remedies or myths that homeowners believe they need to do, buy, or avoid in their homes to make the best of their HVAC unit’s lives. Here are a few myths that our technicians have busted!

No. 1: Pouring bleach down your drain lines to keep your HVAC system clean. FALSE.

Bleach is too acidic for your system. The acid will eat away at the glue holding your pipes together. Eventually it will cause leaks and can ruin your system. Safe to say—avoid using any acidic fluid in your home for any home remedies.

No. 2: Closing an A/C vent to control one room’s temperature. FALSE.

This will make your system work harder than it needs to and can wear down your system too quickly. If one room temperature is too hot or too cold, then you most likely need an Indoor Air Quality check. This helps control even temperatures in your home. Another option would be to test out keeping doors open for air flow and holding your unit at 72 degrees.

No 3: Changing my air filters gives better-quality air in my home and will prevent allergies. FALSE.

Although you should change your filters at the appropriate times it will not help prevent allergies or give you cleaner air quality. Many air filters will claim to help with that, but the bigger problem would be deeper within your system. If you’re air does not feel clean, it most likely is connected to your condenser and the evaporator coil. Meaning- it’s time for an HVAC tune-up. Read more about air filters here.

No. 4: You shouldn’t buy a home with gas lines. FALSE.

The concerns about purchasing a home that’s heated in gas instead of electric is not worrisome unless the home has foundation issues. Homes with gas lines run under the foundation- and there’s only concern if the home has foundation problems. Otherwise, your HVAC units will run fine with gas or electric setups.

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