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What is the Milestone Tune-Up™?

Summer heat has arrived and we’re ready to help with The Milestone Tune-Up™! We’ll keep your home cool and running smoothly. You may be wondering, “What do I get out of this?” or “Is it worth it?”. We’re here to answer all your questions and more!

What is it?

HVAC maintenance that no other home service company can rival! We restore A/C units to factory fresh settings and produce Dallas-Fort Worth’s longest-lasting A/C units!

What’s included? 

We do inspections for missing, faulty, or poor performing parts, maximize efficiency to improve energy bills, clean & polish the entire A/C unit(s), tighten any loose parts, evaluate refrigerant levels, estimates for necessary parts, inspect for proper water drainage, and more! 

What makes it different?

  1. Milestone DOES more. We include ultimate cleaning and safety elements. It may take a little longer than other maintenances out there, but the extra time makes it far worth it. 
  2. Milestone does the standard things better. Not only does the Milestone Tune-Up™ include standard maintenance elements, but we go the extra mile on every step to ensure the best for you and your home.
  3. Milestone offers the unmatched NO BREAKDOWN GUARANTEE. We are so confident that our technicians are going above and beyond, that for 365 days following your Milestone Tune-Up™, if you’re A/C system breaks down, we will refund you of your $129. Yup, for real!

How do we go the extra mile?

  • Our NO BREAKDOWN GUARANTEE ensures that you are getting what you pay for
  • We wash the entire outdoor unit every time!
  • We polish and wax the top of the compressor & outdoor unit, so it not only operates like new… it looks new! 
  • We tighten every bolt and replace every screw.

Our HVAC professionals are well-trained and familiar with a wide variety of A/C models. We understand the importance of completing routine maintenance and tune-up services. When performing the services, our HVAC technicians will review your manufacturer’s instructions to retain the homeowner’s product warranty. We help your A/C to keep running even when temperatures are rising outside.

Have you heard about our maintenance program? If you sign up for The Milestone Advantage™, you can receive a Milestone Tune-Up™ 2x a year for summer and winter seasonal service with no additional cost.

Sign up for The Milestone Advantage™!

If you want to schedule a Milestone Tune-Up™ call 214-267-2405.