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Sachse’s Best Electricians

Breaker keeps tripping?

Outlet doesn’t work?

We handle all things
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Whole House Surge Protection in Sachse, Texas

Safety for Your Electronics & Your Whole Home

Homeowners in Sachse, TX, know how powerful summer electrical storms can get. Throughout the year, storms are famous for causing electrical surges in Texas homes, especially in the warmer summer months. Another danger of electrical surges is from the power company.

Every electrical surge increases a homeowner’s odds of property damage. What can you do to protect your electronics? The answer is to call Milestone. Milestone is a local company that cares for its Texas customers. This company specializes in educating people on the importance of whole house surge protection.


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Surge Protection

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Smart Homeowners Invest in Surge Protection

It is smart for you to invest in surge protection to protect computers and electronics from power surges. What other items can whole house surge protection protect? Surge protectors can protect electronics that are plugged into an electrical outlet and charging when a surge strikes. This includes laptops, phones, and tablets. Surge protectors also protect appliances, alarm clocks, televisions, radios, lamps, and anything else that happens to be plugged in during a power surge.

The Magic of Surge Protection

What are surge protectors made out of, and how do they work? Surge suppressors are created from metal oxide varistors (MOVs). MOV versions are available in both single and multiple MOV versions. If the surge protector picks up an electrical current that is stronger than normal, the surge protector sends the power surge back to the ground and away from a homeowner’s electronics.

Every home is different and there are many different ways that we can help to protect your home through our surge protection services. We will start by asking you questions about the types of devices you want to protect, and what you want to protect them from, and we will move forward from there. You can always depend on our Milestone Guarantee to ensure that you will have the best experience.

Power Surges Can Leave Homeowners Feeling Powerless

In the event that a computer or electronic device breaks from a power surge, your home insurance likely will not cover the repair or replacement of the item. This is why it is smart for you to have whole-house surge protection. Milestone specializes in surge protection services. Our expert Technicians at Milestone can go over the many benefits of whole house surge protection products with you if you are interested in learning how to protect your electronics from power surges.

Milestone Offers Surge Protection Warranties in Sachse, TX

What are the benefits of choosing Milestone and having us install surge protectors for your home? Buying a surge protection product from Milestone will keep a power surge or electrical storm from wiping out all of the electronics in your home. You can rest easy through electrical storms knowing your electronics are protected.

Milestone backs up our products and service with a warranty. While warranties vary by the product chosen by the customer, the warranty period can last five to ten years. In the unfortunate event that a power surge damages electronics in a home with a surge protector from Milestone, the warranty can cover up to $25,000.00 in electronic damages.

The Three Levels of Surge Protection

There are three basic levels of protection available for home surge protection from Milestone. Texas homeowners who are not sure which level of protection can give Milestone a call. Milestone can help Sachse homeowners determine what is needed to keep electronic devices, appliances, and all other electronics in the home safe from electrical power surges.

Level One: Panel Protection

What is level one? Level one is panel protection. The surge protector is installed on the home’s main breaker box.

This type of unit provides surge protection to both the inside and outside of the Sachse home. Level one protects the home from electrical surges from the power company but will not protect electronics from storm-powered surges. This level of protection does protect the entire home from a surge that comes from the electric company., but we recommend it for certain situations.

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Let Milestone ‘Fix it in a Flash' for You!

Level Two: Deluxe Protection

What is level two? Our second level of surge protection is for surges that occur during an electrical storm. The deluxe protection concentrates on the areas where sensitive electronics and appliances are plugged in. Level two does not protect the entire home and may not help if the surge is coming from the electricity company. However, they can be quite effective for some of our customers.

Level Three: Optimum Protection

What is level three? Level three is the best of the best and a smart option for Sachse homeowners. Level three is our optimum protection and protects your home electronics from electric storm surges and surges from the power company.

This type of protection offers the added benefit of energy savings and noise filtration. Customers wanting the best of the best should go with level three for whole-house surge protection. Level three is customized by Milestone Electricians and is the highest quality of surge protection currently available.

Superior Customer Service in Sachse, TX

Those in Texas wanting superior customer service need look no farther than Milestone. Ready for whole-house surge protection in Sachse, TX, or the surrounding areas? Don’t delay. Call Milestone today!