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Toilet running?

Leaking faucet?

We handle all things plumbing for your home!



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Running Toilet Repair in Kennedale, Texas

Is Your Toilet Running? You Better Go Catch It!

Most homeowners don’t think about their toilets unless there’s a problem. At Milestone, we have years of toilet repair and installation experience in the Kennedale area. It’s our goal to give you the best service and advice to keep your toilets working properly and to help you save money.

Toilet Running?

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Toilet Running? $59 Off Repairs

Why Toilets Stop Working

It’s much easier to know when your toilet quits working than why it stopped. Toilets have numerous moving parts that malfunction with time, including:

  • Siphoning and refill tubes
  • Stoppers
  • Floats
  • Flanges
  • Handles

Any of these parts can cause a toilet to flush slowly or run constantly. Whether you’re dealing with a major toilet repair or a minor one, we can help. And, if replacement is the only option, we’ll recommend efficient, cost-effective solutions.

When Should a Toilet Be Replaced?

Depending on the toilet’s age, an upgrade is typically a sensible investment. Dual-flush features and WaterSense ratings help Kennedale’s homeowners save money and use less water. Toilets account for almost one-third of the average home’s water usage, so the savings can add up fast.

Toilet Maintenance and Repair in Kennedale

Toilet troubles can cause expensive water damage and high water bills. At Milestone, we offer a range of toilet maintenance and repair bills, and we can take on repair projects of all sizes. Call us immediately if you see any of the following signs:

  • Leaks from the water supply or inlet lines: Our Plumbers can install new lines and fill valves to stop leaks.
  • Weak flushing: The float or fill valve may need to be replaced or adjusted to ensure there’s enough water for a full flush.
  • Excessive noise and constant running: Adjustment or replacement of the flapper or its chain will stop water from leaking into the toilet bowl.
  • Slow flushing: Our experts will remove clogs, clean toilet drains, and evaluate the system for serious issues.

We can also help you upgrade to ‘smart’ toilets with features such as air dryers, heated seats, and bidets. Our Technicians will help you choose the right toilet for your budget and your home, and we’ll install it with guaranteed parts and workmanship. We’re here to serve you.

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How Long Does a Toilet Last?

Depending on usage and care, a quality toilet may last up to 50 years. Most residential toilets are made of porcelain, which is long-lasting, but certain internal parts may need more frequent replacement or repair. In most cases, we can replace these parts without taking out the toilet itself, which saves time and money. Call us today to learn more.

Choosing an Eco-Friendly Toilet

When you’re looking for an efficient, eco-friendly model, look for units with the EPA’s WaterSense designation. It’s also a good idea to learn about dual-flush and low-flow toilets. We’ll help you choose a toilet that’s good for your home and the environment.

Why Your Toilet Isn't Filling

If your home’s toilet isn’t filling all the way up, it likely has a leaky flush valve. When Kennedale homeowners have these issues, they often end up wasting a significant amount of money and water. Contact us today to learn about leaky flush valves and how we can solve these problems for good.

The Benefits of Low-Flow Toilets

Low-flow toilets have numerous advantages. Not only will the decrease in water usage lead to lower utility bills, but it also helps preserve natural resources. A low-flow toilet uses 50% less water to eliminate waste. With time, the reduced water consumption will help you save on utilities. Call today to learn about our low-flow toilet options.

Toilet Repair Services for Kennedale's Homeowners

Today’s homes typically have several bathrooms, each with a separate toilet and plumbing system. From leaks and clogs to noisy and constant operation, toilet problems can be damaging, messy, and inconvenient. At Milestone, our Plumbers can help with any toilet troubles you may have. We offer a full range of toilet repair, installation, and replacement services, as well as help with maintenance and clog removal. We serve property owners throughout the Kennedale area, and our experienced Technicians can meet all your plumbing needs. Whether your project is large or small, we can do it all.

Call Milestone for Fast, Friendly, and Professional Toilet Repairs

When you need professional toilet repair and installation services in the Kennedale area, we’re here to help. Request more information on our products and services by filling out our online contact form or call us today to schedule a no-obligation evaluation and estimate. We’re here to keep the water flowing!