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Kennedale’s Best A/C Technicians

Room that doesn’t cool?
High energy bills?

We handle all things air conditioning for your home!

Kennedale’s Best A/C Technicians

Room that doesn’t cool?

High energy bills?

We handle all things air conditioning for your home!



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Air Conditioning Services in Kennedale, Texas

Keeping Your Home Cool & Comfortable

Your home’s air conditioner is more important than you may realize. Many people think these systems are for their comfort only, but they do much more. AC systems help to control the humidity levels in your home and can filter out particles that make your family ill. With our Air Conditioning Services, homeowners in Kennedale can rest assured their homes will be cool and comfortable even during the hottest of heat spells.


Milestone Tune-Up™

for $129

The Milestone Tune-Up™ for $129

Is Your AC System Working Efficiently?

Dealing with AC system issues can be a nightmare for homeowners, especially when they occur during the hottest months of the year. Sometimes, you do not know you have AC problems until a complete breakdown occurs. The following are some signs you can look for to know if your AC unit needs attention.

  • Increase in Bills: Are your electric bills suddenly increasing dramatically? Increasing bills are sometimes caused by inefficient older AC units that need to be replaced.
  • Warm Spots: Do you find some areas of your home are warmer than others? Uneven cooling is a telltale sign your home needs Cooling Services.
  • Strange Noises: Does your unit make odd noises? Does it have a strange smell? If you answered yes to these questions, call the HVAC experts at Milestone right away.
  • Short Cycles: Does your air conditioner short cycle? Short cycling can be a problem with the thermostat or something more serious.

If you have noticed any of the above signs, now is the time to call our HVAC experts right away. Milestone offers same-day appointment availability and 24/7 emergency services. We will come out and repair your system on nights, weekends, and even on holidays.

A system that is constantly breaking down and is nearing the end of its lifespan needs to be replaced. Milestone offers all the HVAC services homeowners need whether they require maintenance, repairs, or new installations and replacements.

Our Expert AC Repair Services

There is a reason Milestone is such a trusted name in the HVAC industry. Residents of Kennedale know they can rely on our comprehensive services. We work to ensure our customers’ needs are met and they are cool and comfortable all summer long.

Milestone only employs the very best Technicians in the industry. We work to aggressively screen all applicants, including putting them through background checks and drug testing. We keep our customers safe and want you to feel confident when our Technicians enter your home.

We Get Your Home Cool Again

Most Texans crank up their AC systems when spring rolls around. Even then, temperatures can become quite uncomfortable. When it becomes hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk, AC systems become even more important.

Call us today so we can schedule our Cooling Services for your home. Our Technicians come prepared with the knowledge, tools, and equipment to get the job done right, right away. You do not have to swelter in the heat.

Milestone Electric is the most amazing service company I ever worked with. We knew we had major electrical issues with our home, and their commercial inspired us to call them out. Tyler spent a good h...
— Cassie Hauschildt

AC Maintenance Is Essential

Maintaining your AC system properly is highly important. Systems that have been maintained are less likely to break down, and they last much longer. Our extensive HVAC maintenance services help to keep your system running at its prime. With maintenance, AC systems will require less energy to cool your home effectively.

We recommend our customers schedule maintenance appointments at least once a year. Late winter is a good time to schedule because it allows us to check your system before it is turned on for the season. With our services, we keep up with all the maintenance tasks and scheduling so you do not have to worry.

Allow us to help you protect your investment. On average, AC systems will last between ten and fifteen years with proper maintenance. Systems that are not maintained could break down frequently and not last nearly as long.

Let Milestone ‘Fix it in a Flash' for You!

Cooling Services Near Me

Is your home’s AC system breaking down more than it is working? Is your home uncomfortably warm? If so, do not hesitate to contact the HVAC professionals at Milestone. Since we opened our doors in 2004, our central focus has been offering the best customer service. We are so sure you will be happy with our services that we guarantee it. If for any reason our customers are not pleased with the services we provide, we will work to make it right.

Homeowners in Kennedale and surrounding areas should call us right away for AC service. No job is too big or too small. We come ready to inspect your system, find the problem, and get it repaired. You are our neighbors, and we understand the importance of having a cool home during the heat of summer. Call us right away to schedule your appointment to get started.