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  • We handle all things electrical
  • Book in under 2 minutes – we always answer live
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, or your money back

Electrician in Kennedale, TX

Your Trusted, Local Electrician

When you need a skilled, licensed, and insured Electrician to service your Kennedale, Texas home, call the pros at Milestone. Our customer service agents and Electricians work 24/7 to ensure your complete satisfaction, and our Electricians can handle electrical jobs both large and small.


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Electrical Services

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Our Residential Electrician Services

Milestone’s residential Electricians can provide the following services.

  • Equipment installation and repairs
  • Grounding systems
  • Code corrections
  • Troubleshooting
  • Outdoor lighting installation
  • Ceiling fan rewiring and installation
  • Exhaust fans
  • Home safety checks
  • Electrical panel installation
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Surge protectors
  • Light switches
  • Electrical outlets
  • GFCI installation
  • Breakers and fuses
  • Landscape lighting
  • Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors

If you don’t see the services you need on this list, just call us and ask. We’re here to help Kennedale business owners and homeowners get the electrical services they need at prices they can afford.

Electrical Panel Installation and Maintenance Services

The breaker box or electrical panel is a crucial component of your business or home. Its main function is to route electricity throughout the building. While these panels are designed for years of use, their efficiency may decline with time. Many older breaker boxes can’t handle today’s electrical demands, and that’s where we come in. We can upgrade your old 100-amp panel to 150 or 200 amps, which can accommodate today’s appliances and devices.

Your breaker box may be showing signs that it’s time for an upgrade, such as foul odors, constant tripping, flickering lights, corrosion, and rust. If you’re seeing any of these signs, call Milestone and one of our licensed Electricians will come out right away.


Also known as ground fault circuit interrupters, GFCIs are outlets that can minimize the risk of electric shock in wet places. GFCI outlets shut off circuits when current flows through water or a person’s body. Once the issue has been resolved, simply reset the outlet by pushing the appropriate button. If your GFCI isn’t working properly, it should be replaced by a local Electrician near you.

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Best and Safest Local Electricians Near You

Electricity isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. Without following certain safety rules, though, it can quickly become dangerous. Prevent property damage and serious injury by following these guidelines.

  • Don’t cover extension cords with carpet or area rugs.
  • Use a fire extinguisher for electrical fires. Never use water to put out an electrical fire.
  • Schedule yearly inspections by a qualified residential Electrician.
  • Use special outlets to prevent electric shock.

We hope these tips will help keep your family safe. For additional safety tips and advice, call the team at Milestone today.


Much of your Kennedale home’s electrical wiring may be several decades old. In newer homes, cheaper wiring is often used to cut costs. Old and inexpensive wiring may not be able to handle your household’s electrical demands, but our rewiring services can help prevent these issues. If you’re dealing with any of these symptoms, consider rewiring your home.

  • Circuit breakers are constantly tripping
  • Your wiring is made of aluminum
  • The shock when using appliances
  • Dimming or flickering lights
  • Loose outlets
  • An older home
  • Burning smells coming from outlets

When one or more of these signs appear, it’s time to rewire your home. Call Milestone today to request a no-obligation evaluation and estimate.

LED Lights

Today’s homeowners are increasingly turning to LED lights for their interior lighting needs. These lights look appealing, are very energy-efficient, and last about 25 times longer than conventional light bulbs. While they’re costlier upfront, their efficiency, quality, and longevity make them a great investment.

One of the best things about LEDs is that they do not burn out. They gradually change color and lose their light production capacity, but that won’t happen for about two decades. Not only are LED lights more efficient than incandescent bulbs, but they’re also cooler. They emit less heat, and they’ll help your home look better. Call us today for fast, efficient LED lighting installation by a qualified, licensed Electrician.

Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

Your Kennedale home’s carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are crucial to your family’s continued safety. There should be a smoke detector in each bedroom and at the top of every flight of stairs. Carbon monoxide detectors should be placed close to bedrooms but away from stoves. If a smoke or carbon monoxide detector sounds, leave the home and call the fire department. Don’t go back in until you’ve been cleared to do so.

You should test your alarms monthly and change the batteries at least once per year. Carbon monoxide detectors should be replaced every five to seven years, while smoke detectors can last 10 years or more. For help with smoke and carbon monoxide detector installation and service, call Milestone today. And you can rest assured because all work performed by Milestone is backed by our 100% satisfaction Milestone Guarantee.