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Electric Car Charger Installation in Kennedale, Texas

Providing Power to Your Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles are all the rage these days, and more owners are searching for the most optimal option for charging their automobiles for everyday use. The best choice by far is an EV charger installation in their homes. While it is possible to charge the car by using a standard outlet, it is not efficient and takes an extraordinarily long time to complete. At Milestone, we can give electric car owners new possibilities by installing a new charger in their homes.


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Milestone Electric Car Charger Installation

Milestone is the best choice for an electric car charger installation in Kennedale. We offer a charger that will last many years and give you everything you need to charge up your car and get the most use-value from it. Our team understands how to install the charges safely in the home that delivers on top performance levels. Our electrical Technicians provide transparent pricing and offer a comprehensive estimate for your new car charger.

Why You Need an EV Charger for Your Home

Many electric car owners make the mistake of using their standard outlets in their homes to try to charge their cars. The sad reality is that there are far too many limitations when using a standard outlet. These outlets are ideal for powering up items in the home at 12 amps and 120-volts, but they are not the best choice for powering up an electric automobile.

As these owners find, they can leave the car connected to the outlet all night and still they won’t get further than 50 miles, and this won’t provide enough of a charge to use the vehicle for an everyday vehicle. Most owners travel further than 50 miles a day for their daily commute to and from work.

If they make the choice to upgrade to a Level 2 electric car installation, the electric car owner can see an immediate difference in the amount of charge and how long it takes to charge the car fully. The Level 2 chargers offer 240 volts and charge the car faster. If they install the chargers, the auto owners can use their electric cars each and every day without issues.

Level 2 chargers provide amps from 12 up to 48, and with 240 volts, the chargers are more efficient and charge the car in half the time. In comparison, a charger that is 40 amps could get the car fully charged in 1/6th the time it would take a standard outlet to charge the car.

In addition to charging the car efficiently, the auto owner gets a wealth of features with their new charger. They can install an app on their smartphone or tablet and control the charger from anywhere. They can turn it on or off, or they can make adjustments however they see fit.

With an Electric Car Charger Installation, the auto owner doesn’t have to visit public charging stations or spend the money to use the services. They can power up at home, and the fees for charging their car will be included in their electric costs. Milestone can make all the difference in the world to these auto owners and give them more efficient charging at any time.

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Let Milestone ‘Fix it in a Flash' for You!

The Right Circuit For Your EV Charger

Many electric car owners do not have the electrical panel required to install the EV charger installation without issues. For this reason, they turn to Milestone to upgrade their electrical panel and give them the right connections for the new charger. It will provide the correct capacity and won’t cause a surge or circuit overload. Electrical safety is a must and upgrades can prevent several different issues such as electrical fires and explosions.

After they install the new circuit panel, the electric car owners can get efficient charging for their car and won’t have to worry that the new charger isn’t getting adequate power.

Your Electric Car Charger Installation in Kennedale

Milestone can provide an exceptional EV charger installation for all-electric car owners and give them an efficient way to charge their automobiles. Many auto owners will finally get the chance to use the vehicles on a more long-term basis without searching for charging stations.

We offer licensed professionals to complete the new installation, and our team will provide the utmost care for all-electric car owners. They follow all electrical safety regulations and building codes, and our team makes sure that all connections are installed as expected. You can learn more about our services by contacting us right now!