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Clogged toilet?
Shower draining slowly?

We handle all things drain cleaning in your home!

Highland Village’s Best Plumbers

Clogged toilet?

Shower draining slowly?

We handle all things drain cleaning in your home!



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Sewer Line Services in Highland Village, Texas

Fixing The Dirty, So You Don’t Worry

There’s not a lot of fun that comes with taking care of your home’s sewer line. It’s not a dinner party conversation topic, but it’s still a vital part of household care and comfort. If you value taking care of your sewer line now, you can go on with your day only thinking about sewage when you want to, instead of because you have to.

The Plumbers at Milestone have the proper training to treat any sewer line issues you may be having in your home. From clearing blockages to repairs and replacements, there’s no problem we can’t take care of quickly and efficiently. So if you have a concern with one of the most pivotal parts of your plumbing, call Milestone today to learn what we can do for you!


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Sewer Line Problems (and Our Solutions)

There’s a lot that you may be tempted to tolerate when it comes to your plumbing. But most seemingly trivial problems are signs of bigger issues, like a fault in your sewer line. It’s better to catch these problems early, and Milestone is here to fix what may otherwise cause more damage to your home.

So think about any minor plumbing troubles you’ve been dealing with recently. You should contact us at Milestone if you’ve been faced with:

Slow Drains

A fairly noticeable sign that you need a sewer line repair or replacement is if your fixtures are draining slower than they used to. Maybe they’re slow to empty, or perhaps they don’t empty at all. Regardless of the situation, Milestone can clear things out however we need to.

Odd Sounds

Your appliances should be able to drain with little sound (if any). Sometimes, however, they may start to gurgle loudly as they empty. This is often paired with slower drainage or complete backups, which are all signs of a collapsed sewer line. We can go in and perform a total replacement that’ll bring you peace of mind and harmony back in your home.

Outdated Plumbing

Your sewer line is meant to last for a good, long time. That can be as short as 50 years to double that or more. But sometimes circumstances will cause your pipes to age quicker than that. When that happens, Milestone can provide the replacement that you need!

These are only some of the problems that point to a damaged sewer line. If you’ve been dealing with any of them, it’s important to get them handled quickly to prevent damage to the foundation of your home.

Skilled to Your Standards

The average home in Highland Village is a sophisticated system with a lot of moving parts. Plumbing is only a part of your heating, cooling, and lighting systems, and at Milestone, we put in the work to make sure all of that can continue to run without hassle. That’s why we make sure our Plumbers have thousands of hours of training to become the professionals you need.

Most find it gross to go into detail about their sewer line. But when things back up or go wrong, things get a lot more unpleasant. We aim to make the process as comprehensive and effective as possible from the moment you call us. When we send our Plumber to your property, they’ll diagnose the exact problem and draft an appropriate course of action.

We’re transparent about the work we do from start to finish because we know how important it is for you to feel confident in the functionality of your home.

Very professional service. I am very pleased with the care and service provided....
— Ronda Miner

Let Milestone ‘Fix it in a Flash' for You!

The Best Customer Service in Highland Village

Our job as your Technicians in Highland Village starts when you call one of our office representatives, and it doesn’t end even after we finish the job. At Milestone, we are trained to give consistently outstanding service and support to homes across Texas.

We care so much about your satisfaction that we consider it a guarantee in every job we do. If your sewer line is still causing problems一any problems一you can call us, and we’ll come back to see what else needs to be done. That’s why when you work with Milestone, you’re working with the 100% satisfaction guarantee of a job done right.