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We handle all things plumbing for your home!



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Water Quality Services in Forney, Texas

You Can Trust Your Water With Us

Most people want to have water that tastes good, but it is more important to have water that is safe and healthy for you and your family. The best way to ensure that your water is safe is to have regular quality water checks performed. This will ensure that there are no harmful substances in the water. Another option is to have a water filtration system installed. A water conditioner can remove the hardness in the water. This may seem stressful; however, Milestone can make the whole process simple. Our Plumbers are experts at testing water quality. If we think a filtration system is necessary, our Plumbers will help walk you through the whole process.


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At Milestone, we want to help prevent illness due to water, but we also understand that the odor and taste of the water are also important. When water runs a different color, it can do more than affect your health. Discolored water can stain your clothes in the washing machine. If you are experiencing any of these issues, give Milestone a call.

We only hire highly trained, highly skilled Plumbers who are licensed and have undergone thousands of hours of training to learn everything about the plumbing system and water in the home. We also perform background checks and drug tests before hiring a Team Member. We want you to feel safe and confident when allowing our Plumbers to work in your home.

Go with the Flow – Call Milestone!

Even if the water pressure in your home is fine and it flows as it should, this doesn’t mean that everything is fine. If your water doesn’t taste right or if it has a foul odor, the quality of the water is poor. Milestone wants the best quality water for you and your family. Our Plumbers are trained to test the water quality and make recommendations to resolve the problem if necessary.

We can install a water conditioning and water filtration system to ensure that the water coming into your home is safe for your family to consume. When you have a filtration and conditioning system installed, you will have peace of mind that the water quality is safe now and in the future.

Benefits of Installing a Water Conditioning System

A water filtration system will remove unwanted chemicals and minerals from the water. If you are still on the fence regarding a water conditioning system, you should understand the many benefits associated with having this installed.

  • Dishes will be cleaner and shinier after washing.
  • It leaves your skin and hair smoother and softer after showering
  • Soap and shampoo lather better
  • Prevents limescale and soap scum
  • It makes clothes softer after washing, and the colors last longer
  • Extends the lifespan of your plumbing system and water-based appliances
  • The water heats up faster
  • Reduces drain clogs and corrosion that is caused by mineral buildup
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Quality Customer Service

At Milestone, we understand that the time the Plumber is in your home installing a water filtration and conditioning system is just a small part of your experience with us. Although this is the most important part of the service, we want you to feel important from the very first phone call. We make it a point not to neglect any area of the services we provide.

When you make the first call to Milestone, you will reach one of our highly-skilled customer service representatives. We will provide you with the highest level of care and support, because you are our number one priority. We are so dedicated to providing excellent customer service to all of our customers that we guarantee your satisfaction with our Milestone Guarantee. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with any part of your time with Milestone, we will do everything in our power to make things right.

If you are concerned about your water quality, whether it be the taste, smell or appearance, give Milestone a call. We won’t try to sell you over the phone. Instead, one of our skilled Plumbers will come out to test your water quality to determine if a water filtration and conditioning system are necessary. If you want to be sure your water is safe for consumption, give Milestone a call today.