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Forney’s Best Heater Technicians

Room uncomfortable?
Uneven room temperatures?

We handle all things heating for your home!

Forney’s Best Heater Technicians

Room uncomfortable?

Uneven room temperatures?

We handle all things heating for your home!



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Heater Maintenance in Forney, Texas

Keeping Your Home Warm When it Matters Most

At Milestone, we understand that each home requires professional services, particularly when it comes to heater maintenance. That is why we hire and train each of our experts to provide exceptional customer service, especially when you call for help with your heater. Our HVAC Technicians are highly skilled professionals who understand the significance of a properly functioning heater in any home.

Heating Experts at a Professional Level

At Milestone, our qualified Technicians go through weeks of rigorous training to ensure they are fully prepared to handle any issues that may arise. Our Technicians are also subjected to background checks and drug testing, to help you feel at ease while in your home.


Milestone Tune-Up™

for $129

The Milestone Tune-Up™ for $129

With our Same-Day Guarantee, we ensure that any issues that require immediate attention will be addressed by our Technicians the same day, leaving you with a heater that works to the best of its ability. Heater maintenance is serious business, which is why Milestone only hires the best Technicians in the Forney area to look after your home. Our Milestone Guarantee is our promise to do a good job every time you call us. If something is not right, we will keep working until it is.

Preparing for the Future

At Milestone, we provide you with The Milestone Tune-Up™ to ensure that the functionality levels are where they should be. This service prepares you for the cold winter nights by having our Technicians thoroughly cleaning and adjusting your system. Our HVAC professionals will review and identify any potential issues that may cause a problem in the future. We will work directly with you to identify a solution that works best for you once an issue has been identified.

What is Heater Maintenance?

Heater maintenance is a preventative heating service that comprises a thorough inspection and tune-up of your HVAC systems. You can save money, stay comfortable, and enjoy a variety of other benefits if regular maintenance is performed on a regular basis. A heater inspection entails inspecting all of the HVAC system’s critical components and adjusting, cleaning, and testing them as needed. The following are some of the responsibilities:

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  • Inspecting the ventilation system and air intake grilles, ensuring that any obstructions are removed
  • Inspecting the heat exchanger for signs of damage or corrosion
  • Examining and cleaning off the blower, including the removal of any debris
  • Confirming that the blower’s motor is operational
  • Performing a burner and flame sensor inspection
  • Inspecting and calibrating the thermostat as needed
  • Verifying the electrical connections, tightening them as necessary, and replacing any damaged wiring
  • Checking that the burner and flame sensor are working properly
  • Lubricating all moving parts in the heating system, keeping the air filter clean, and ensuring that the system’s safety controls and startup cycle are operational.

As previously stated, a properly functioning heater has many advantages. Heaters can improve indoor air quality in addition to providing comfortable heat. Well-maintained heaters can last much longer than expected, assisting you in saving money on replacement and energy costs.

Let Milestone ‘Fix it in a Flash' for You!

Signs Your Heater Needs Maintenance

After the initial inspection, our Technicians may find that certain areas will need repair or replacement. You should know what signs to look for to help us diagnose any potential problems. Here are seven common indications that your system requires maintenance services.

  • Unusual odors
  • Starting the unit is difficult
  • A pilot light that has become discolored
  • Inadequate heat flow
  • Noises that are both loud and persistent
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Carbon monoxide detector goes off

These seven problems can be identified and fixed by scheduling The Milestone Tune-Up™.

Customer Service Guaranteed

At Milestone, we understand that the time spent with our Technicians in your home is only a small part of the Milestone experience. While it may be the most crucial aspect of your service experience, we will not overlook any other aspect of the service provided. Our customer service providers are well trained and equipped to provide the highest levels of support and assistance from the moment you contact Milestone. We guarantee Milestone’s commitment to excellence in providing outstanding customer service experiences.

To keep your home feeling warm and cozy during the winter months, be proactive and contact Milestone and schedule The Milestone Tune-Up™ today!