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What Qualifications Should an Electrician Have?

There are three different core types of electricians (see our list of descriptions here). Each type has different qualifications. However, there are qualifications across the board that would be required regardless of their licensing title.

According to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, “Anyone who performs electrical work in the state of Texas must be licensed (https://www.tdlr.texas.gov/electricians/elecfaq.htm#who).” There are upwards of 51,000 electrical fires a year. The state of Texas does not take electrical safety lightly and neither do we. Additionally, every person must be over the age of 16 years old.

For someone to become an apprentice they must apply online through the state of Texas and testify that they do not have any criminal convictions (if they do have a record, they have to complete specific paperwork and be cleared by the state before going further). To clarify, no apprentice may work on a job alone- they must be supervised by someone who has a license and are there to assist, learn, and gain their hours before being able to apply for a Journeyman license.

To receive the Journeyman, license the state of Texas requires someone to complete 7,000 hours of on-the-job training before they’re allowed to apply for a Journeyman. These hours must be signed off by every Master Electrician that was supervising. However, before receiving full licensure 8,000 hours must be completed and they must pass the test.

A Journeyman Electrician is required to complete 12,000 hours of supervised work by a Master Electrician to apply for a Master Electrician license. Additionally, every applicant must hold their Journeyman for 2 years before applying for their Master license.

At Milestone Home Service Co., we have a few qualifications for our technicians that set us apart. First, we background and drug test all our technicians. Before hiring we also check for excellent work ethic and leadership skills. Additionally, we offer to continue their education so that they are up to date on all needed skills and codes to do with electrical. 

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