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What Are the 3 Main Types of Electricians?

When looking for an electrician you might find a number of titles and different qualifications but how do you know the difference? And why does it matter? So if you are wondering what are the 3 main types of electricians, this post will clear it up!

Apprentice Electrician

An apprentice works safely under the supervision of a higher licensed professional. This type of electrician is trained but still learning parts of the trade. Additionally they are able to get hands on learning while in the field. It’s a great way for them to learn from a seasoned professional in a safe environment!

Journeyman Electrician

After completion of hours in the field with supervision and passing their tests, they are clear to work alone on repairs and jobs. This individual has completed and passed the tests to practice without supervision. If an individual would like to test for a higher qualification, they are able to test for the title, “Master Electrician”. 

Master Electrician

This is the highest level of certification available. It requires individuals to have completed a certain number of hours (number of hours depends on the state you live in) and have passed the Master Electrician test. Master Electricians can supervise for Apprentice positions and Journeymen if needed.

All these professional electricians have different qualifications but are educated and experienced. 

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