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Why You Need to Change Air Filters Regularly

Most homeowners know that they need to change their air filters regularly, but a common question is, “Why?”. Common thought is that changing the air filters will help keep clean air in your home and prevent allergies. While that seems like sound knowledge it is not true.

Why Do We Change Air Filters?

Changing your air filters helps protect your evaporator coil! The evaporator coil retains the hot air in the home and coordinators with your condenser to return cool air into the home. It is crucial to keep your evaporator coil clean because if it is left dirty or begins to rust eventually it will be beyond repair. Changing the air filters helps protect your system from having to be replaced.

When Do I Change My Air Filter?

If the space in your home is able to fit the 4” thick filters that is going to be the most effective air filter to use in your home. The 1” filters cannot do or prevent much for your system. People tend to purchase the 1” air filters and replace them every 30 days.

We suggest the 4” air filter and changing it depending on the number of people and animals that live in the house. For instance, in a home with two adults, two kids, and two dogs, you will likely need to change your air filter more frequently (potentially 2-3 months with the 4” filter). However, if you are a singular person in a home you will have to change it less frequently (potentially 3-6 months with the 4” filter).

The Right Air Filter Fits Your Home

Every home, HVAC unit, and family is different. For more precise air filter changing knowledge we suggest getting a technician out to your home for a better analysis.

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