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HVAC Myth Busters #2

Our technicians regularly run into home remedies or myths that homeowners believe they need to do, buy, or avoid in their homes to make the best of their HVAC unit’s lives. Here are a few myths that our technicians have busted! If you haven’t read our first blog on this topic, check it out here.

No. 1: Rusty vents don’t mean anything they just look bad. FALSE.

A rusty vent may be an eye sore and while it would seem harmless to paint over or replace—the rust implies there are issues with your HVAC unit. So, in theory- yes you can paint over the vent (instructions below) just know that you should get your air conditioning unit inspected. The rust happens from moisture dripping and usually leads to larger problems.

No. 2: Painting over a vent is no big deal. FALSE(ish).

The biggest issue with painting over your vents is—painting them to the ceiling. Whenever your duct work gets cleaned, the technicians will have to remove the vents and could leave damage on your ceilings sheet rock. TIP: Take your vents off the ceiling to paint them and wait until they are completely dry before putting them back.

No. 3: Instead of using my A/C unit in the Summer I’ll just run my fan to keep my home cool. FALSE.

While a fan can help bring a sense of cooling it cannot change the temperature in the home. The fan will just move the air around a room. So, it may seem like a cheaper way to keep a home cool, it won’t bring the long-lasting relief you are looking for from the heat. Instead try opening the doors for even air flow and setting your unit for 72 degrees.

No. 4: Moving duct work isn’t that hard and can be done as a DIY project (probably FALSE).

Although we don’t doubt your abilities, if something were to go wrong it could be catastrophic on your unit and may cost more than you’d like to repair. When it comes to moving air ducts/vents, we suggest playing it safe and hiring a professional.

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