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Duncanville’s Best Electricians

Breaker keeps tripping?
Outlet doesn’t work?

We handle all things
electrical for your home!

Duncanville’s Best Electricians

Breaker keeps tripping?

Outlet doesn’t work?

We handle all things
electrical for your home!



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Electrical Inspections in Duncanville, Texas

Ensuring Accurate Electricity Flow

It is easy to assume the electrical system in a home is safe and up to code. But, in older homes, this might not be true. If you purchased an existing home without having a home inspection, you simply don’t know how safe your electrical system is. Even though it might seem daunting, it is a good idea to have your home’s electrical system inspected to make sure it is safe and dependable. Our Milestone Electricians will check every outlet, each circuit, every appliance, and every light fixture to make sure it is operating correctly. They will make sure the electrical system is up to modern codes.

If you have lived in your home for a while without an inspection, or if you are planning some changes such as addition, remodeling, or adding light fixtures or other electrical appliances, it’s time for an inspection. It is important to have an electrical inspection to make sure the existing electrical system can handle the changes and additions. Milestone electrical experts are trained to handle every aspect of the home electrical system.

When you call Milestone for an electrical inspection, our Electricians will inspect the smoke detectors, the circuit sizing to make sure it is right for all your appliances electrical needs, surge protectors, the ground-fault interrupter or GFC, and all electrical system parts like outlets and light switches to make sure everything is working correctly and safely.


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Electrical Services

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Our Expert Inspectors

Every home has a large number of small parts making up a complicated electrical system. It may be hard for you to understand the whole system and how each part works within that system. There is a chance that one or more of those small parts can wear out and need to be replaced. When some parts of the electrical system stop working at the same time, the home can stop cold. No lights, no heat or cooling, no appliances working, and no working TV or electronics can be very stressful and inconvenient for everyone living there. But, don’t panic. Call Milestone right away to start the process of getting your home back up and running.

You may have questions and concerns, such as why is that light flickering? Why is the smoke detector beeping with no fire? Why does that outlet no longer work? Does my home have enough electricity coming in to run all my appliances and devices? Our Electricians can answer all those questions and give you advice on correcting the situation. Our electrical inspectors are well-trained, background checked, and drug tested for your safety.

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We know that the normal homeowner does not understand their intricate electrical system, and they do not need to. That is why Milestone has well-trained Electricians on staff to assist you with your electrical system problems. When people have their first home, the electrical system can seem daunting, and when something goes wrong, they need help fast. They and all homeowners need to know how the electrical panel functions. Milestone’s Electricians can help homeowners understand how their electrical boxes and systems work.

Don’t hesitate to call Milestone to have an electrical inspection and to have an Electrician walk you through how your electrical system should be working. They can also give you advice on energy-saving practices concerning all the home’s appliances and lighting fixtures. They will point out any deficiencies or electrical components needing repairs or upgrading so your home will be more energy-efficient and safe.

Albert did a great job checking out my A/C and explaining the details to me. I did not have to have anything done but he made a couple of suggestions for future consideration. I did have to wait til...
— Rhonda Sexton

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We Try to Give The Best Customer Service

At Milestone, we don’t limit customer service to the time our Electricians are in your home doing repairs. We want your experience to be the best from your first phone call till you get your final bill for services. Our customer service staff are trained to be friendly and helpful. They also receive training to be knowledgeable about all our services. We offer normal service calls and also emergency 24/7 services for those times when an electrical or other problem can’t wait.

We guarantee our customer service and customer satisfaction will be superb with our Milestone Guarantee. If you have a problem, we will do our best to make it right so you are 100% satisfied. We depend on happy customers giving us referrals and repeat business. When you call, ask about the additional home repair and installation services we offer. We can keep your entire home running smoothly and safely. Call us about electrical, HVAC, plumbing, or other home system problems.