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Duncanville’s Best A/C Technicians

Room that doesn’t cool?
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We handle all things air conditioning for your home!

Duncanville’s Best A/C Technicians

Room that doesn’t cool?

High energy bills?

We handle all things air conditioning for your home!



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AC Maintenance in Duncanville, Texas

Making Sure You Stay Cool

You may be familiar with the importance of routine maintenance for your HVAC system. Your product warranty likely requires you to follow specific instructions for maintaining your AC and keeping it at top performance levels. These services should be scheduled just before the start of the new season to give you the most benefits of the services.

Our HVAC professionals will complete the steps according to the requirements for each AC model. Our standard services include seasonal cleaning, inspections, and calibration of certain components. We will also report any issues to you with a full estimate for the repairs.


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Seasonal Cleaning for the Entire System

As the first step for AC Maintenance, our Technicians perform seasonal cleaning services and remove all debris and accumulation from your unit. They will open up your entire system and vacuum all debris that has accumulated between seasons. Your exterior units are likely to accumulate dirt, dust, and leaves throughout the year which can have an impact on the efficiency of your AC.

Your interior unit will accumulate allergens such as pollen that travels into the home on your clothing and shoes. If you have pets, you may have pet hair and dandruff that falls into the ductwork and circulates throughout the system. Comprehensive cleaning services eliminate all these substances and give you a better start on the upcoming summer season.

Lubricating the Components

The manufacturer of your AC will outline all the vital routine maintenance steps for your particular system. Lubrication is one of the most important steps. After our Technicians clean the components individually, they will apply the proper amount of lubricant on all moving parts to ensure that they are moving as expected. Without lubrication, the gears on these parts will grind together, and they will become damaged quickly. They should be lubricated before you start your AC for the year.

Testing Refrigerant Levels

Refrigerant needs to be at the right level to produce cool air, and if the levels are too low, this could prevent the AC system from operating properly. Low refrigerant levels can cause the condenser coils to freeze. Our Technicians will use gauges to test the refrigerant levels, and they will charge the system if necessary to restore its ability to produce cool air.

Test Ductwork for Air Leaks

Ideally, your ductwork should be air-tight and shouldn’t allow any cool air to leak out of your home. Our team will check your ductwork for damage and problem areas. We can also reseal it when necessary to prevent air loss. If your ductwork is too damaged, we will recommend replacing it with completely new ductwork and a new ventilation system.

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Testing Advanced Features

Zoned cooling is a great feature for any heating or cooling system and it gives you more control over where the cool air travels within your home. It allows your AC to send more cool air to bedrooms when you are sleeping and adjust it to send more air to living spaces when you are starting your day. This feature could cut down on cooling costs and make it more affordable to run your AC every day. When maintaining your system, our Technicians must complete steps to test this feature, too.

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Where to Get AC Maintenance

Milestone provides comprehensive HVAC services for you. We offer inspections, routine maintenance, repairs, and brand-new installations for all heating and cooling systems. Our company has a long history of excellence and we hire only highly skilled HVAC professionals to complete our services. You can learn more about setting up AC Maintenance in Duncanville by contacting us and setting up an appointment right now.

You can set up AC maintenance tasks to keep your system running properly and avoid excessive repair costs. Our maintenance services allow us to clean your entire unit and look for problem areas that could prevent your system from running as expected. Seasonal cleaning services can also improve air quality and decrease allergy symptoms and asthma attacks for you.

Our HVAC professionals will test and calibrate components as required in your product warranty. They will lubricate the parts and test the components for signs of failures and wear and tear. By performing the services before you need your unit, our Technicians can find existing issues and fix them quickly. This prevents you from facing system breakdowns during extreme temperatures, and you can keep yourself and your family safer throughout the harsh Texas summer. By completing the services regularly, you can get the most out of their HVAC investments.