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We handle all things air conditioning for your home!

Duncanville’s Best A/C Technicians

Room that doesn’t cool?

High energy bills?

We handle all things air conditioning for your home!



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AC Installation in Duncanville, Texas

Making Sure Things Go Right The First Time, So You Don’t Have to Worry

You cannot avoid a new AC installation if your current system has broken down for good. In Duncanville Texas, it is essential to have a quality air conditioner running to keep temperatures bearable. It is recommended that you have your existing unit inspected and assessed before the start of summer. This could prevent service disruptions and give you time to act if you need a new unit before summer.

At Milestone, we do everything we can to help you choose the right AC, make a plan for paying for the installation, and maintaining your new system. We guarantee the quality of our installations with our 100% satisfaction Milestone Guarantee. You can rest assured that we will never step away from an installation until you are happy with the results. If you live in the Duncanville area, Milestone is a great choice for your next replacement or installation.

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Find the Proper Size

The proper unit size is vital to the new AC Installation, and the wrong choice will just generate higher than average costs and won’t keep your property at a comfortable temperature. We complete a variety of assessments to arrive at the correct unit size. We start by finding the area of each living space in your home, and we multiply this number by 25 BTUs. They will add up the total BTUs to find the unit size for the property that will keep your home comfortable throughout summer without added costs.

Compare Costs and Payment Plans

When starting an AC Replacement, your first obstacle is price, and you will need to think about funding before deciding on a new unit. If you can’t pay the full upfront costs, don’t worry. You can set up financing through us. Our HVAC professionals will recreate a full estimate for all systems of interest and allow you to compare these prices according to the energy star ratings and features that come with the new unit. For example, if you are curious about ductless air conditioners, we can provide you with a full estimate and compare it to other options.

Preview Maintenance Tasks and Expenses

While the calculations for maintenance services may not be an exact science, it gives you a basic idea of how much each system will cost you each year to maintain. These services are a must to retain coverage through the product warranty, so you will need to compare the cost of maintenance to the upfront costs. If the price is too low, these maintenance costs may be excessive. While our maintenance services are always affordable, we can help you factor in this cost.

Inspect the Ductwork

If your ductwork has been maintained properly, you could avoid paying for new ductwork and vents. They must be in great shape and shouldn’t present you with any leaks. If there are holes in the ductwork, you will need to set up repairs, and if repairs are too costly, you can consider having us install new ductwork instead at the same time as we install your new unit.

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Warranties and Extensions

Your product warranty provides you with coverage for your new installation and its components. However, the warranty lasts for at least the average lifespan of the unit. If you want to retain more coverage for your AC system, you will need to set up an extended warranty to maximize your coverage.

Let Milestone ‘Fix it in a Flash' for You!

A New AC with Milestone

Milestone provides you with exceptional HVAC services for all your heating and cooling needs. We have an amazing history of excellence and hire only the most skilled HVAC professionals. We complete inspections, routine maintenance services, repairs, and new installations. We provide sound advice about heating and cooling systems when problems arise. You can learn more about setting up an AC Installation in Duncanville by contacting us right now.

You should set up a new AC installation quickly if your current system is not working properly and cannot be repaired. We will complete comprehensive maintenance services for your entire system before summer starts, and help you determine if replacement is needed. By setting up these services, you can get a new installation before the heat comes.

We can guide you through the process of finding the best unit for your home. We will start with the unit size according to the total BTUs required for your property. We will also provide information about pricing and maintenance expenses when explaining each unit. You can find a great AC system for your home, and you can stay within your budget by reviewing your options with Milestone. Contact us today!