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Sump Pump Services in Colleyville, Texas

Protecting You When You Need It Most

A home is a major investment and should be protected as such. Rainwater is a serious risk to the home, and it’s critical to find new ways to protect the home against the effects of rainwater and flooding.

Sump Pumps are ideal solutions for managing rainwater and allowing it to drain away from the home. The structures are designed to allow rainwater to flow into the sump pump and drain through connecting water lines to the sewage system.

At Milestone, we know how important it is to manage rainwater and keep it away from the lowest levels of the home. A flooded foundation could crack and cause the entire home to shift and become structurally compromised. Our Sump Pumps manage rainwater around the home and protect the foundation. For a sump pump installation, contact Milestone and let our family serve yours!


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Why You Need a Sump Pump

Even with gutters around the edge of the roof, there is no guarantee that all rainwater will flow away from the home or its lowest levels. By setting up a Sump Pump Installation, families take another step toward protecting this major investment.

Any rainwater that doesn’t flow away from the home via the gutters and connecting drainage systems. For many homes, there isn’t enough protection around the homes to eliminate rainwater appropriately. A sump pump provides the additional protection families need.

How a Sump Pump Works

We are a family-owned and operated company and understand how important a sump pump is for the home. The basic mechanics of the system involve an opening where rainwater drains off spaces around the home.

Once the rainwater fills the cylinder inside the installation and allows the water to drain through connecting water pipes into the sewage system. The new plumbing installation stops major flooding in the lowest parts of the home and prevents major foundation issues.

Know When Sump Pumps Need Attention

After the plumbing installation is completed, the product warranty requires certain maintenance steps. Our Plumbers complete the maintenance services according to the manufacturer’s instructions to maintain the system and retain coverage under the warranty.

We clean the sump basin and eliminate all debris. Our Team Members clean the weep hole and impeller, and we’ll remove any substances that are causing bacterial growth or unpleasant odors. If there are any issues, we’ll fix it in a flash!

We offer a No Breakdown Guarantee, for the entire year after our services, and the installation will perform as expected for many years. The following are common signs that the sump pump needs maintenance or repairs.

Homes Older Than 10 Years

If the home is older than 10 years, an existing sump pump needs a full inspection to find possible issues. If the previous owner didn’t maintain the plumbing installation, there could be major issues that prevent the water pipes from draining rainwater away from the home properly. We offer an apples-to-apples price match guarantee. If you find a lower price from another company, we will not only match it, we will beat it by $100.

There Is Rust on the Sump Pump

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Plumbing inspections help our Team Members find common issues such as rust in the sump pump. Due to constant water exposure, bacteria growth and corrosion develop inside the sump pump. When this happens, water flow issues emerge. Plumbing Services are a must under the circumstances.

It's Noisy

Low noises are normal for Sump Pumps, but if the system becomes excessively loud an assessment must be completed. Loud noises indicate that the pump is not working, ad water is not draining into the sewage system. Vent hole clogs are a prevailing culprit for these issues.

With The Milestone Promise, if you’re not satisfied with our workmanship, then we’re not done. We always make it right. It’s why we have more happy customers and positive reviews than any company in the Metroplex.

There Are Visible Signs of Flooding

A common sign of flooding includes mold around the lowest levels of the home. With visible signs of a flood, there could be major water damage underneath or around the home. We offer same-day appointment availability, and our Plumbers will complete an inspection and sump pump repairs as needed.

Let Milestone ‘Fix it in a Flash' for You!

Trust Our Trained and Qualified Plumbers

At Milestone, we hire only the best for our team and offer high-quality installations, repair, and maintenance services. With our Sump Pumps, the home and its lowest levels are protected against the effects of rainwater and moisture. We have every confidence in our Plumbers and won’t leave until the services are completed up to all expectations. To set up sump pump installations, contact Milestone right now for an appointment!