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Toilet running?

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We handle all things plumbing for your home!


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Slab Repair Services in Colleyville, Texas

The Hidden Leak….

It would be wonderful if Colleyville homes stayed in great shape, never requiring any repairs or replacements. Unfortunately, that isn’t reality, and the various systems in the home will break down from time to time. If the home isn’t being watched carefully, what was a minor issue can rapidly become more significant and expensive to repair. However, even if the home is being carefully watched, there are certain issues within the home that can be tough to identify.

At some point, a Slab Repair may be needed, and the expert Plumbers from Milestone can help. At Milestone, we strive to make sure all of the systems inside the home are running in top condition. Let us know if you think there may be anything wrong with the electrical, plumbing, or structural systems in your home.


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Fix and Avoid Plumbing Leaks

The team at Milestone includes the most trustworthy and reliable Plumbers in Colleyville. Our expert plumbers are available to help with any water pressure problems, leaks, and clogs, as well as any other plumbing issues you might have. Although we work hard to only hire the top plumbers in the area, they still go through a significant amount of training before working on your home

With our extensive training process, you can rest assured the job will be done right the first time we go to your home. You won’t have to worry about anything when you call us to tackle any plumbing installation and repair issues.

We know how big of an issue Slab Leaks can be, so we make sure the issue is fixed right away and effectively. Contact us as fast as possible whenever the plumbing in the home starts to have problems.

Signs of a Slab Leak

It’s difficult to notice slab leaks, as well as to deal with them, because they’re beneath the home’s foundation. Because these leaks are hidden, they can cause damage over a long period of time before they’re detected. If repairs aren’t done fast, they can start to cause damage to the entire home, starting with the foundation. Some of the warning signs that there could be a slab leak developing include the following.

Damage to the Floor

Most of the time, the water that starts to accumulate because of a slab leak will get trapped between the foundation and the flooring. This can lead to spots in the flooring that start to bubble up or are softer. If this is noticed, call Milestone right away. Slab leaks aren’t going to go away, they’re just going to cause more issues with the home.

Moisture Starts to Accumulate

Though slab leaks are under the foundation, when one happens, the water can go up into the home through any cracks or gaps. Water stains on the walls or random pools of water on the floors can be signs that a slab leak is occurring. This can be alarming to notice, but Milestone Plumbers can tackle the slab repair right away.

Puddles Outside the Home

Puddles can start to form outside of the home even if it hasn’t rained in Colleyville recently. If there are spots in the yard that seem a little soggy, it’s possible they’re caused by a slab leak. This can lead to damage not only to the home but to the yard as well. It’s a good idea to schedule a Slab Detection with Milestone as fast as possible.

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Water Bills are Increasing

Sometimes, the most common sign that slab repair may be needed is that the water bills start to rise even if the use hasn’t changed. Always check the water bills each month and look for any fees that might be odd. To test for a slab leak, turn off any appliances that use water. Then, see if the water meter is still running. If it is, call Milestone right away so we can inspect the plumbing system and get to the bottom of the issue.

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Expert Slab Repair in Colleyville

team won’t stop working on the issue until you are satisfied or you’ll get the money back. We will make sure you’re pleased with the job even if we have to provide a refund. We also offer an Apples to Apples price match, so if you can find another company that uses the same materials for the same services and they charge less, we’ll beat their price by $100.

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