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Milestone Still ‘Fixes It In A Flash’… But With A New Look!

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Hi there! Did you hear the news?

Milestone Still ‘Fixes It In A Flash’… But With A New Look!

That’s right! The Milestone logo has been the trademark of the company for almost 20 years. However, as our company has grown and expanded service options, we have found that our logo needs a ‘Milestone Tune-Up’!  After months and months of our creative team putting their brains together, meeting with our customers, and putting ideas to the test, it’s here! While the famous jingle and iconic red and yellow vans are undoubtedly staying, we reveal to YOU the new look of Milestone.

Milestone New Logo

Curious to learn more about why we are changing our look? Let us share more.

The Previous Logo

Our company has historically been known and loved by many as “Milestone Electric.” But, did you know that in 2013 we added our first of many other new services and dropped the word “Electric” from our company name? For many, the lightbulb and look of our original logo still sparks the memory of the electrical services we provide, which we are so thankful for! Moving forward, we hope this new logo does the same, sparking a reminder for all of the services we provide.

The New Logo

Our new logo is simple, clean, and timeless. It works in black and white, or in our famous red and yellow colors! Something our old logo actually couldn’t do. The logo might often be accompanied by ‘Home Service Co.’ or even condensed down to our Milestone Mark icon.

Why “Home Service Co.”?

Good question! Below is a list of all the services we provide. With plans in the pipeline to continue this path, the term “Home Service Co.” encapsulates the whole-home solutions we provide (and also fills the gap for those so used to saying ‘Milestone Electric’).

    • Electrical Services
    • Heating Services
    • Cooling Services
    • Indoor Air Quality Services
    • Plumbing Services
    • Drain Cleaning Services
    • Home Automation Services
    • Garage Door Services

The Story Behind The M.

This is our ‘Milestone Mark’! It is a condensed version of our logo. And did you catch the hidden swoop on it? It resembles the famous arm motion many North Texans are familiar with from our TV spots! A fun little nod to the past 20 years.

What’s Next?

Although the visual of our brand is changing, our values never will. The Milestone Way will always remain the same… now with a refreshed look! We couldn’t wait to share it with you, our Milestone customer! Be on the lookout for our new logo as it makes its’ way into the Metroplex. Have any other questions? Please email

marketing@callmilestone.com. Our team is here to serve you!



Gus Antos & Mark Robison

Co-Founders, Milestone Home Service Co.

Call Milestone

Call Milestone

If you looked at all the information available, you may draw that conclusion yourself! Milestone has grown to where it is because of our never ending focus on customer satisfaction! Milestone is ready to meet any electrical, cooling, heating, plumbing, drain cleaning or window cleaning need you may have and exceed all expectations. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to show our customers that we’ll stop at nothing to give each one of them a superb customer care experience! We love being called the “favorite Dallas Technician” and “Fort Worth Technician!”


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