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Top Reasons Your Outlet is Not Working

When your outlet stops working, it can become difficult and inconvenient to power your appliances. Understanding the reasons your outlet is not working will help you face the issue and correct your system. While some outlet issues need professional attention, other issues can be solved from home on your own. Keep reading to learn more about the top reasons your outlet is not working and how to fix it.

You Lost Power

The most common reason your outlets stop working isn’t an issue with your outlets. A power outage halts all outlets throughout your home until power is restored, which would be done by the utility company or through a backup generator. In other cases, power issues are a result of a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker and affect specific outlets instead of your entire home.

You’re Dealing With a Hot Outlet

What happens when your outlet isn’t working but has power flowing to it? You may not be aware that you have hot outlets. A hot outlet is an outlet controlled with a switch. How do you know if you have a hot outlet? The combination of these three situations:

  1. Your top outlet is not working
  2. Your bottom outlet does work
  3. The light switch works

Hot outlets are designed for lamps, offering them a switch to perform like your other home lights.

Top Reasons Your Outlet is Not Working

Outlets Are Old or Outdated

Many older homes struggle with old and outdated outlets with faulty wiring and functions. If your outlets are more than 15 to 20 years old, or they are not grounded, you are dealing with an outdated system that is likely to malfunction and cut power to your outlets.

Outlet Was Overloaded

If you notice two or three outlets stopped working in the same room, your fuse or circuit breaker was likely overloaded with power. With multiple outlets not working in one section of the house, you can turn to your electrical panel for answers. Too many appliances plugged in at once or a new major device like a microwave can overload a specific circuit and cut power to outlets.

Loose Electrical Connections

With your fuse or circuit breaker on, your electrical panel may not always be the cause of your dead outlet. If the circuit breaker was not tripped or your fuse was not blown, your outlet can also stop working due to loose electrical connections and wiring issues. 

Issues With GFCI Outlets

GFCI outlets are located in places like your bathroom and kitchen and are used to protect you against electrocution or shocks caused by water and electricity. While useful, GFCI outlets can leak when worn or damaged and cause other outlets around them to go out too.

How to Fix a Broken Outlet

Is your electrical outlet not working? Thankfully there are some home remedies you can try before calling an electrician for professional electrical services.

Try a Different Appliance in Your Outlet

First, it’s important to rule out your appliance as the issue. For example, if you are attempting to charge your phone and nothing is happening, you should unplug your charger and try plugging in a different time to that same outlet. If your outlet also fails to power that appliance, you can rule your charger out as ineffective and be reassured that the issue is with your outlet.

Test Other Outlets in Your Home

It’s also critical to test other outlets in your home. If outlets stop working in your bathroom specifically, it may be a GFCI outlet issue. On the other hand, outlets that shut off in your living room could be an overloaded circuit breaker. Once you narrow down which outlets are affected, it’s easier to seek specific parts or services that can fix the issue.

Replace Blown Fuses

Replacing blown fuses should help you restore power to your outlets. Since the process isn’t very involved or dangerous, homeowners can typically complete this task safely. Taking an old fuse to your hardware store can help them match you with the correct size replacement.

Call an Electrician

If your home has wiring and electrical panel issues beyond a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse, it’s time to call an electrician. For instance, issues in your garage like a 220 outlet not working may be a result of overheating and may require some system reconfiguration. For detailed changes to your system, it’s vital to call an electrician, so it’s handled safely.

Is a Dead Outlet Dangerous?

Dead outlets aren’t something you should ignore because they can cause a fire risk if your wires get too hot, even if nothing is currently plugged in. While a fuse can blow or circuit breaker trip every once in a while, if they are consistently going out you should undergo a professional inspection to ensure your system is still operating safely.

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