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Terrell’s Best Electricians

Breaker keeps tripping?

Outlet doesn’t work?

We handle all things
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Whole House Surge Protection in Terrell, Texas

Safety for Your Electronics & Your Whole Home

Expert Electricians recommend that all homes have some level of surge protection to ensure the safety of home electronics and reduce the risk of electrical fires. Unfortunately, many homeowners have yet to follow this valuable advice. At Milestone, you don’t have to take us at our word. You can speak to the many customers that we have been able to serve over the years, and they will tell you that Milestone has the best surge protection services. We are excited to help you today!


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Surge Protection

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What is Whole-Home Surge Protection?

When most people think of surge protectors, they immediately conjure up images in their minds of strips to plug in computers or TVs. These surge protection strips only offer limited protection, though, and they only support so many devices. Just think about how many electronics are in modern homes.

Televisions, kitchen appliances, game systems, desktop computers, sound systems, and even tablets or phones plugged in to charge can all be damaged in the event of a power surge. Only a whole-home surge protection system will prevent damage to every electronic device and appliance in the house. This is why we provide these services to our customers in the Terrell area.

Next-Level Surge Protection

If the idea of replacing surge suppression strips after each power surge sounds unappealing, it’s time to start looking into better options. Milestone offers a range of surge protection systems, all of which come with either five-year or ten-year limited warranties. In addition to system warranties, Milestone will also cover up to $25,000 worth of damage to customers’ damaged electronics should the system experience an unexpected failure.

Ensuring proper surge protection for modern homes begins with a full consultation. Milestone can provide three levels of protection depending on homeowners’ needs and budgets. A customer service representative can walk homeowners through each of these options for protecting appliances, electronics, and homes to help them make the right decision. Standard options include:

The first level of surge protection offered by Milestone involves sending out an Electrician to install a surge suppressor unit on the home’s main breaker box. This unit will provide protection from any surge, whether it is generated by the power company or inside the home. It will protect all electronic devices in the home.

Milestone’s deluxe protection package goes beyond the basic panel units installed during level 1 service. While panel surge protectors are great for removing the threat of damage to electronics during power surges that originate within the grid, they won’t protect sensitive electronics from becoming damaged during the larger power surges associated with storms. The level 2, deluxe protection package will add an extra layer of protection for sensitive appliances and electronics.

The third level of protection against power surges goes beyond panel and deluxe surge suppression to offer homeowners energy savings and noise filtration in addition to preventing damage to electronic devices during power surges. Milestone’s expert Electricians modify the panel and deluxe units in-house to ensure optimal product quality.

Craig did a great job, was efficient, friendly, and knowledge. The best combo! Thank you Craig!...
— Claudia McClain

Let Milestone ‘Fix it in a Flash' for You!

Our Five Guarantees

When you hire a company for your surge protection installation, you want to be sure that you are making a good investment. Since 2004, Milestone is a family-owned and operated home service company dedicated to doing business in Plano the right way. We stand by our work too. With The Milestone Guarantee, if you’re not 100% satisfied— then we’re not done. And, we match the same product for the same price; apples to apples.

Call the Experts

Don’t wait until that next serious storm rolls through and destroys the family’s unprotected electronic devices. Instead, you can be proactive about protecting your home and devices from lightning storms, internal power surges, and more with our services at Milestone. Call Milestone today to discuss whole-home surge protection options that will guarantee the safety of electronics and appliances during any power surge. Milestone offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, so there’s nothing to lose by calling today. We will be happy to take your call.