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Electric Car Charger Installation in Terrell, Texas

Providing Power to Your Electric Vehicle

With the increasing amount of electric vehicles being sold, more people are realizing just how important a dedicated EV charger installation can be. While it’s possible to charge the vehicle with the standard outlet in the garage, it’s not going to charge fast. A new Electric Car Charger Installation from Milestone will make it easier and faster to charge the vehicle.


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Car Charger Installations From Milestone

The top choice for installing an EV charger in Terrell is Milestone. We at Milestone offer an experienced team that has been doing electrical work for many years and that can ensure you have the right EV charger installed for your vehicle and needs.

The Electricians from Milestone offer the best in customer service and are fully licensed. We are always upfront with prices and transparent when it comes to the total cost for a charger installation. Reaching out today allows you to get a quote for an EV charger installation.

Why Do You Need an EV Charger?

Charging via a standard outlet means the charging will be slow. The standard outlet is 12 amps and 120 volts, so it just doesn’t have the power needed to fully charge the vehicle fast enough to be reasonable. If it’s left to charge overnight, there’s still not going to be enough of a charge to drive more than around 50 miles.

By upgrading to a level 2 EV charger, you can get a full charge in less time. The level 2 chargers work on 240 volts instead of 120, so the charging speed is drastically increased. This means it’s possible to use the electric vehicle every day, not just once in a while when it has a full charge.

There are various current ratings available for the level 2 chargers. Most run between 12 and 48 amps. It takes half the time to charge the vehicle with a 16 amp level 2 charger and one-sixth of the time with a 40 amp level 2 charger, so you can get the full charge for your vehicle much faster.

With the new charger installation, there is an app that provides more features. Use the app to check on the current, delay the charge, and check the current charge of the vehicle.

Don’t limit how far you can go or use public chargers to get a full charge before heading home. Instead, have Milestone install a new EV car charger and get more from your new electric vehicle.

Making Sure You Have the Right Circuits

The electric car charger uses the home’s electricity to operate, so the electrical panel needs to have a high enough capacity to handle it. Without this, it’s possible that circuit breakers will trip regularly or the outlet won’t work to charge the vehicle.

Faster level 2 chargers may require the electrical panel to be upgraded. A smaller charger may work for your needs if you don’t want to upgrade the electrical panel. At Milestone, our Electricians can help you look into the options available and determine if an upgraded panel is needed to provide the charging power you need for the vehicle.

If an electrical panel upgrade is needed for the installation of the car charger, our team can get it done. We offer electrical panel upgrades for a variety of reasons, so we can easily give you a quote for the work that needs to be done.

Always thorough not rushed to do the work and respectful....
— Joe Lara

Let Milestone ‘Fix it in a Flash' for You!

Your Charger Installation in Terrell

Whether or not you need an upgraded electrical panel, we’ll make sure the charger is installed properly and works as anticipated to charge your vehicle fast. At Milestone, we offer professional Electricians who will handle the job with care. Without sacrificing the safety of the electrical system in your home, we can install a new EV car charger for you.

We have handled EV charger installations in the past, so we can help you pick out the right one to meet your needs, no matter if you have a fully electric vehicle or one that’s a hybrid. We can also help with the planning for any updates that might be needed in the future.

Are you interested in learning more about your options? The professionals at Milestone are ready to help. We can review the options with you and give you a quote for the installation of a new EV car charger, so you can charge your car faster and without worry. Contact us today to get a quote for the installation of a new car charger in Terrell or to learn more about the chargers available.