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At Milestone, we take pride in doing things the right way. That’s why we never pay our customers for reviews. We appreciate all our customers that took it upon themselves to write about their Milestone experience.
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Very professional and friendly. Good...
Gary Davis on July 15, 2022
Very professional and friendly. Good communication skills with people. Was able to answer all my questions. Service was thorough and complete. Good at explaining why parts were needing replacement. Good nonverbal communication. Received copies of invoices. I highly recommend Damon’s professionalism To your customers needs.
Milestones Luis Medina, Nathan and Chad were the...
Jolie Geron on July 12, 2022
Milestones Luis Medina, Nathan and Chad were the absolute best! They explained everything in detail and even showed me step by step what they were doing. I felt very reassured and comfortable with their work. They also let me know about additional issues that I might have with the house that I should take a look at even when it didn’t have to deal with the plumbing and or Milestone. This was truly a great experience. When You find out about a major repair that needed attention, they took a bad thing and made it great. I really can’t say enough about these guys. They just finished and I already miss them being here.
Service not listed. Scott was here to survey our...
Carey McKenzie on July 12, 2022
Service not listed. Scott was here to survey our situation and present his proposal of an appropriate central heat pump system to replace our existing heat pump system. He did a thorough job of measuring to determine what size unit is correct for our house. Then he prepared and presented a detailed choice of units. He explained thoroughly and then made sure we understood the differences between the choices. He was completely courteous, knowledgeable and professional in everything he did. Keep him if you can.
After Milestone tried to cancel my 2 month out...
Natalie T. Cedillo on June 29, 2022
After Milestone tried to cancel my 2 month out tune up appointment, even as a loyalty member, they sent Blair. Blair was wonderful. Very through and knowledgeable. He went above and beyond in customer service and did a great job. I hope more ppl get to experience this level of service. Milestone should be thankful for techs like Blair who turn a negative into a positive. Thank you Blair!
Loy is professional, yet is conversational and...
Stan Smith on July 17, 2020
Loy is professional, yet is conversational and personable. He makes sure he understands what is being requested, and then explains what needs to done to accomplish the task. He offers good suggestions and alternatives to address the issues involved. I would not hesitate to leave Loy alone in my home if needed. That says it all in today's world. Thank you, Loy!!
I had a truly outstanding experience all the way...
Rick Swoger on May 03, 2022
I had a truly outstanding experience all the way around! My technician Mike Walker and his apprentice Michael truly went above and beyond. Extremely professional and knowledgeable did great work in an extremely timely manner. Hands-down absolutely the best experience I have ever had dealing with a home repair company. Extremely patient and thorough helped advise me. If all their technicians are half as good as Mike Walker they have a customer for life.
When you have an electrical issue on a hundred...
Lee Chevalier on July 16, 2020
When you have an electrical issue on a hundred degree day, you want reliability and quick diagnosis. When you have an older home, you need to know its liabilities. A call in the evening yielded an 8am visit. A quick test identified a root cause instead of "replace it all" or "it's too old". I got a root cause, a workaround and price -so I could raise funds- as well as a dedicated tech next visit. Same day turnaround. Very satisfied.

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