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Is A Whole House Generator Worth It? - FAQs with our Professional Electricians

Curious if generators are worth the money?”. Power outages happen more in Texas than in any other state. This means generators on your property will bring safety to your family and home. Keeping the power on in your home can directly impact your day-to-day living. For instance, losing power could be an issue if you use a sleep apnea machine or have a security system that must be running at all times. Maybe you have medicine that must stay refrigerated or baby formula that must remain refrigerated.  

There are many reasons to have a whole home generator on your property; safety for you and your family is an important priority. Families of all ages can struggle when the power goes out. During the Summer, having no Air-Conditioning can make sleeping difficult, causing restless nights. During the Winter having no heat could cause the same problems. When loss of power occurs, the generator will restore power within seconds. 

How much does it cost to run?

The power is in your hands to determine how much you want it to power up while your regular power is down. Each generator can power a certain amount (depending on what you purchase), so it has a capacity for how much it can run. Still, you can determine what factors you think are most important. Using an app like this would cover what you’re choosing to power, affecting how much it will cost, and even changing what you choose to power on at the time of power loss. 

Depending on the size of the home, the property, and how much you want to run appliance-wise, it will affect the cost. Some homes prefer two generator units to run the number of things they want on if they were to lose power unexpectedly. Although only sometimes necessary, the size of your generator depends on what you want to pick for your home. 

Cost of whole project?

The cost of this project would depend on the generator you choose to buy. Every state and every home or property will have different needs and regulations. This can only be determined once someone can get on the ground at your property and inspect the place. Additionally, they will need to hear your homeowner’s needs. Our experts want you to know that the closer the generator is to the house, the less it typically costs than if it were further away from the home. This is due to what a team of people will have to build out for the system, and the further away the unit, the more materials, and labor are needed. 

Your home either runs on propane gas or natural gas. A generator runs on natural gas. Installation is affected by the type of gas your home uses. 

Pros and Cons of a Generator?


  • It’s only a matter of seconds for the generator to turn on. 
  • Hands-free automatic return of power 
  • If picking an app-based generator, it gives you easy access to see what your generator is doing at all times. 


  • The placement of the generator will determine the cost. 
  • Position of the generator may not be exactly  

Some people would want it to be in a specific spot on their property. However, a technician would have to be there to determine if it’s a good fit for the generator’s purposes and the best use of materials and labor. 

ROI If Selling the House

Down the road, it will be a significant selling point if you choose to sell after having your generator installed. By having a team like Milestone install a generator, you are getting the most professional team in DFW to do the proper work the first time. Our team gets everything approved and the correct permits for all the work. So you can rest assured that you made an excellent decision for your safety, family, and property. According to Consumer Reports, it can increase the value of your home by 3%-5%. This is a significant increase and well worth the investment. 

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