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How to Replace your Toilet Flapper

If your toilet keeps running and you were able to determine that it’s the flapper that needs to be replaced you will want to:

  • Look up online or in a manual the type of toilet that is in your home. It’s important that your replacement flapper matches the correct design for your toilet.
  • Once you have gone to the hardware store and picked the appropriate flapper replacement you can unhook and unclip the old/damaged flapper from your toilet. The hook will be at the base and the clip will be at the top. Take your new flapper and hook it at the base, then clip it at the top.
  • You’ll want to make sure that it is able to open all the way so that when it’s full of water it can flush properly.
  • If that step didn’t resolve the running water, try steps 4-6 on our How to Stop a Running Toilet post.

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