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Let Milestone A/C 'Fix it in a Flash'

We repair your air conditioning in Heath, because we care for your home just as much as you do.

Milestone understands that when it comes to air conditioning repairs, Texans need the best service possible. We hire and train the greatest people to assist with all of your air conditioning repair needs, so you can rest assured that when you call Milestone, you’re getting the absolute best of the best. We understand that air conditioning is not only needed during the summer months, especially since Texan summers last all year. With that in mind, our HVAC Technicians are cooling experts who work with a sense of urgency to make sure you and your family stay cool. If you ever find yourself needing A/C maintenance, repair, or installation, please do not hesitate to call Milestone!

Signs of Air Conditioning Problems

Your AC system is important for your family’s health and comfort. When it breaks down, the temperature can quickly begin to rise uncomfortably high. If you notice any of the following, call Milestone right away.

  • Often, homeowners will begin to notice their electricity costs rising. Rising costs can be caused by a cooling system that is not working efficiently.
  • Odd smells are also a sign that should never be ignored. You may notice your system begins to smell like it is burning. Burning smells can sometimes be a dangerous sign, and a couple elements need to be checked.
  • If you notice your system is making odd sounds, it is important to have it checked. Any strange noises, outside of the normal hum of the system, should be investigated. Plus, getting any loose elements or broken parts fixed promptly aids the lifetime of a unit.
  • Should you notice some rooms seem much warmer than others, it is time to have your system and ductwork checked.

If you notice any of the above, contact us right away. Ignoring the signs of AC problems will only make them worse. Prompt repairs will protect your system and prevent further issues from occurring.

Your Neighborhood Cooling Experts

Since Milestone is completely based in Texas, we understand how challenging the summer heat can be. Our HVACTechnicians are trained with a superb level of customer care and are also background checked and drug tested, so you can let us into your home and feel secure. Our Technicians go through thousands of hours of training to become Heath air conditioning repair experts, which means when it comes time to get everything checked out, you can relax knowing that you can depend on Milestone, and we will ensure your AC is working as it should. And, if there are any concerns during the visit, our expert will be able to answer all of your questions and provide solutions that work for you and your family.

The Cool, The Cold, and The Coldest

We cannot stress this enough — Texas is HOT. Many people make jokes about cooking eggs on the sidewalk during the summer, and while that can be fun, having that same heat within your home is NOT. As Texas residents, Milestone knows that every home in Heath needs the AC to work. Our Technicians are trained in any possible scenario that could happen with your air conditioning unit, simply because we want you and your family to feel secure in your choice of Milestone. The experts that work at Milestone are able to diagnose and clearly describe any issue that they discover while working on your unit, which means they can work with you to provide three options to ensure that the resolution provided works for everyone.


Milestone's Customer Service Guarantee

At Milestone, we know that the time our Technicians are in your home is only a portion of your interaction with us. And while it might be the most important part of your service experience, we refuse to neglect any area of the service we provide you. From the moment you call Milestone, our customer service providers are well-trained and equipped to offer you the highest level of support and service. We are so dedicated to our commitment of excellence in providing the best customer service experience, we actually guarantee it. If you are not 100% satisfied with your Milestone service, we will do everything to make it right.

Cooling Services Near Me

Are you a Heath local? Are you concerned about your home not cooling properly? If you answered yes to either of these questions, Milestone is here to help, 24/7! With our extensive HVAC services and a leading focus on customer service, homeowners in Heath trust Milestone, knowing their needs have been handled by the experts.

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