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Heath’s Best Plumbers

Toilet running?
Leaking faucet?

We handle all things plumbing for your home!

Heath’s Best Plumbers

Toilet running?

Leaking faucet?

We handle all things plumbing for your home!



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Plumbing Installation in Heath, Texas

Making Sure Everything Is Done Right

New plumbing systems come with countless components. When you think of this system, you probably bring to mind the toilet, faucets, and drains. However, there are countless pieces working behind the scenes, in walls and under floors, that keep the system up and running. These parts connect, which means if one part fails, the entire system could stop working. Nobody wants that to happen, which is why individuals in Heath turn to Milestone for all of their plumbing installation needs. They know when we are on the job, the work will be done right.

Our team of expert Plumbers can handle any job, big or small, and will be happy to assist in installing your new plumbing system. We ensure your family has running water at all times from the moment we install the system until you move out of the house. You’ll have it to wash clothes, do dishes, shower, and more. Milestone makes certain of this by double checking every valve, washer, faucet, and connection before we leave the home once the installation project is complete.


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The Plumbing Experts

Nobody wants to deal with a toilet that won’t flush or a sink that won’t drain. When customers turn to us, they know that will never be an issue. The water in the home must exit faucets when they are cut on and flow down to the main sewage line when it is no longer needed. Any problem within the system can lead to major issues throughout the home. The plumbing system is a complicated machine.

Our trained and skilled Plumbers can handle any plumbing situation. They undergo thousands of hours of training to understand every component of a plumbing system and its role in providing water or moving it away from the home. This allows them to install everything right from start to finish.

Purchasing a brand-new home that nobody has lived in before is a wonderful thing. You want to make certain it is everything you have dreamed of, and our team ensures that is the case. They undergo a background check and a hair follicle drug test before we hire them, as we put your family’s safety above all else. We also randomly drug test the employees throughout their employment for your safety.

The Importance of Running Water

Humans need water to survive. The average person can live three days without water. Some people won’t survive that long, while others may last slightly longer. Their activity level and environment play a role in this, but water is essential to human life. There’s no getting around this. Our team here at Milestone recognizes this and understands the importance of running water in every household today. It keeps the family happy.

People often overlook how often they use water in the home. They go to get a glass of water and assume the faucet will work. When they flush the toilet, they don’t expect it to back up. A properly installed plumbing system and regular maintenance ensure this is the case.

If an emergency arises with the system after the installation project is complete, simply call us before 10 am and we will have someone out on the same day. When we cannot have them there that day for any reason, we will waive the service fee. Our goal is to serve every customer on the same day, rain or shine. Once we determine where the problem lies, we offer you solutions. You decide which is most appropriate for your needs. Milestone goes above and beyond to meet customer expectations with every job we complete.

Called at 7 pm, Ashley was great on the phone and CJ was the technician that came out. He was very professional and figured out the problem quickly. Found out it was under warranty so he helped find ...
— Amy D Clark

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Customer Service

Customer service remains a top priority for everyone working with Milestone. Every employee undergoes training to ensure you receive the highest level of support and service. We want you to be satisfied with every aspect of your interaction with us, from the moment you call to schedule an appointment until the work is complete. We value your business and want to ensure you return to us in the future. Let us know if you have any problems, and we will work to make them right.

Feel confident to call on us for your plumbing installation project. We offer a price match guarantee with every project. If a company with licensed Technicians offers a lower price for the same job using the same materials, we will match their price. They must employ licensed and insured Plumbers, offer a comparable warranty, and have a similar quality of work for the guarantee to be in effect.

Our guarantee allows us to stand apart from competitors. We offer a five-year warranty on all service jobs. Furthermore, we vow to make everything right. If you are unhappy with any work we do, contact us and we will make it right. If we cannot for any reason, we return your money. We never stop working until you are 100 percent satisfied. It’s your home and an investment in your future, so you deserve nothing less.

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