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Heath’s Best Electricians

Breaker keeps tripping?

Outlet doesn’t work?

We handle all things
electrical for your home!



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Light Switch Services in Heath, Texas

The Control Of The Switch Is In Your Hands

Light switches may very well be the home electrical component that people interact with the most directly every day. Deceptively simple and often taken for granted, these devices hold more power than most people give them credit for. That is until they stop working.

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Light Switch Services from Milestone

Here at Milestone, we understand how important these seemingly innocuous devices are to homeowners’ day-to-day lives. Because of this, we offer a wide range of light switch services, including repairs, installations, and replacements for both conventional light switches and dimmer switches. We want all our customers to feel confident that, any time they reach for the switch, the lights will come on. There are a few different kinds of light switch systems, but they all work in essentially the same way.

Single-Pole Switches

Single-pole switches are the most common and simplest light switch system. These are used when a light source or outlet only needs to be controlled from one location, like the overhead lights in a bedroom.

These switches use a toggle lever—the small bar you move up or down to turn a light on or off—that is marked with “ON” on one side and “OFF” on the other. When someone flips the switch to “ON,” a gate inside closes and completes an electrical circuit, allowing electricity to flow down a hot wire to the light or outlet controlled by the switch. When the switch is flipped “OFF,” the circuit is opened and the flow of electricity to the hot wire is cut off. With a single-pole switch, there is only one hot wire attached.

Three-Way Switches

Three-way switches are used in situations where it’s useful to have a single light or outlet controlled from two different locations, like having a switch for the light over a staircase located both at the top and bottom of the stairs.

These switches often have a toggle lever that makes them virtually identical to single-pole switches, except “ON” and “OFF” will not be marked on the toggles.

Like a single-pole switch, three-way switches have an internal gate that closes and opens the electrical circuit to turn lights and outlets on and off. But these switches’ gates are shaped differently so that the circuit is only closed when both toggles are in the same position, either both up or both down. If one toggle is in a different position than the other, the circuit stays open and the light or outlet will stay off. There are some other kinds of switches, but they are not commonly used for household applications.

Michael Walker is a true pro (with a personality to boot). He did three electrical connections for us as well as pointing out some defficiencies we have in our home that will require some attention. ...
— John Gallagher

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Signs a Light Switch Needs Service

Sometimes a faulty switch is very obvious: you flip the switch and no lights turn on. Other times, the issue may be more subtle. Some things to look out for include:

  • Lights that flicker before they turn on completely.
  • Switches that need to be held in a certain position for the power to stay on.
  • Sparks coming out of the switch when it’s flipped.
  • Switches that are warm to the touch.
  • Strange noises like pops, buzzing, or clicking coming from inside the switch.

Professional Services

The Electricians who work with us at Milestone are all well-trained professionals with the experience necessary to identify and rectify any issues homeowners in Heath may be struggling with when it comes to their home’s light switches.

Not every light switch controls a light, and sometimes homes have switches that appear not to control anything. Whether you’re facing one of these odd issues or a standard problem with a light not turning on when its switch is flipped, Milestone is ready and prepared to help. Our technicians have the experience needed to identify which circuits are connected to a switch and to chase down the source of your problems.

Once they’ve tracked down what’s causing your troubles, our Technicians will discuss the issue and its solutions with you and make sure you feel well-informed about your options and the work that needs to be done. Our Technicians also undergo rigorous background checks and drug testing so you can feel safe and secure while they’re working in your home.

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