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Water Quality Services in Heath, Texas

You Can Trust Your Water With Us

We should consider ourselves fortunate to have all the modern conveniences we take advantage of each day. Our modern world is filled with advancements people could only dream about just a few decades ago. We have electricity to keep our homes bright, warm, and comfortable and make life significantly easier than it once was. The internet and modern electronic devices keep us entertained and connected to the outside world. In fact, we can have virtually the entire world at our fingertips without ever having to leave home. On top of all that, the miracles of modern plumbing bring us a constant supply of water for cooking, bathing, cleaning, and other aspects.

While we generally take for granted that the water coming into our homes is safe and healthy, that’s not always the case. Numerous contaminants could be lurking in your home’s water supply without you even realizing it. Those foreign particles and pathogens could even be causing numerous problems that you wouldn’t normally link to your water supply. Because of that, water quality services in Heath are exceedingly important for local residents. Here at Milestone, we’re dedicated to making sure your water is clean and safe.


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Bringing You Cutting-Edge Water Quality Services

For those of you who are concerned about the contaminants that could be present in your home’s water supply, Milestone can provide effective solutions. Our plumbing experts offer extensive experience and a wide range of services to help keep your home safe and functional. Our water quality specialists are always on hand to meet your needs.

We can provide a water quality assessment and help you figure out if a water filtration system may be right for you. We can also help determine which water filtration system would best meet your needs and expectations. Don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule an appointment to find out how we can help remedy your plumbing and water quality issues.

What Types of Contaminants Are Found in Tap Water?

Several contaminants may be present in the water that’s coming into your home. Though public water treatment methods are safe and effective, damaged and deteriorating water lines could allow pollutants to enter the water supply as it makes its way to Heath homes. In some cases, those pipes may even be the source of the contamination. If your family depends on a well for water, contaminants could also be a major problem with numerous pollutants leaching into groundwater from outside sources. Whether you’re connected to a well or the public water supply, a water filtration system will help eliminate potentially harmful contaminants.

Metals, such as lead, aluminum, copper, and mercury, may be working their way into the water before it reaches your home. Nitrates and other particles from fertilizers may also be present. At the same time, chemicals from pesticides, pharmaceuticals, cleaners, and other substances are common waterborne contaminants.

Radioactive elements like radium and uranium could even be seeping into your water supply. Bacteria and viruses are major concerns as well. On top of all that, hard water caused by high concentrations of minerals could also be a problem. While water filtration systems aid in removing many common contaminants, water softeners are geared toward solving hard water issues.

How Could Those Contaminants Affect My Family?

Many of the contaminants in the water supply could make your family sick. Viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms can have serious immediate effects. Chemicals from pesticides, fertilizers, and other pollutants may take longer to affect your family. Still, over time, they can bring about major health issues, such as skin rashes, headaches, fatigue, kidney damage, and even cancer in some cases.

In addition to those issues, some contaminants can take a toll on your plumbing system, fixtures, and appliances. This is particularly true of hard water. Minerals can build up over time, causing extensive damage. They can also detract from the effectiveness of detergents, soaps, and other cleaners. They may cause dry skin and hair and leave stains on your clothing as well.

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Combating Water Contamination

At Milestone, we have a range of solutions for dealing with waterborne contaminants. We can help you choose a water filtration system to get rid of radioactive substances, chemicals, pathogens, and other issues. We can also help you combat hard water with a water softener. Call us or contact us through the form on our website to schedule a water quality service appointment. From there, our experts will determine the most effective solution for your home and install it for you. We also offer water filtration system repairs and maintenance for keeping your water safe and clean in the long-term sense.

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