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Electric Car Charger Installation in Heath, Texas

Providing Power to Your Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly common these days as more people are looking for ways to do their part to help save the planet and conserve natural resources. In fact, there are three times more EVs on America’s roadways than there were just five years ago, making for a total of over a million. Though these vehicles are becoming more widespread, they’re not exactly gaining popularity in the United States quite as quickly as experts originally thought they would. Why is that the case? For the most part, it’s because of the hurdles of keeping them charged.


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Covering Your Electric Vehicle Charging Needs

At Milestone, we’re here to help take the hassles out of charging electric vehicles. Our team of expert electrical Technicians has years of experience in meeting the needs of homeowners in Heath and the surrounding areas. We’ve seen our industry grow and change over time and watched numerous advancements come into play. Along the way, we’ve taken part in ongoing training to ensure we’re able to stay on top of all those changes. As such, we’re the area’s leading authority on EV charger installation.

We’re fully aware of all the advantages electric vehicles can bring to our friends and neighbors in and around Heath as well as the benefits they offer for the future of our planet. Of course, we also understand just how frustrating charging an EV can be with the standard equipment. If you’re considering purchasing an electric vehicle or hoping to get more out of the one you already own, don’t hesitate to contact us to find out how we can help.

Do I Need An EV Charger in My Home?

The short answer here is yes. If you have an electric vehicle, EV charger installation is essential. Sure, all-electric vehicles come with their own charging kits; otherwise, very few people would buy them. Those standard chargers, known as Level-1 chargers, are basically fancy extension cords designed to work with any 120-volt outlet. All you have to do is plug one end into the outlet and the other one into the vehicle. It’ll eventually charge the vehicle without causing any problems with your home’s electrical system.

Having said that, those standard charging kits that come with EVs aren’t exactly the most practical or efficient options on the market. Though they’ll charge your vehicle, they do their jobs painfully slowly. Even if you charge the vehicle overnight, it’ll still only have enough juice to go about 40 miles the next day. If your commute to work or your errands take you further than that, you’ll be left hoping there’s a public charging station somewhere along your route.

Fortunately, there’s a better alternative. Our highly trained and experienced team of Technicians can upgrade you to a Level-2 charging station. Level-2 chargers require 240-volt outlets to work, but they’re much faster and more efficient. They can drastically cut down your EV’s charging time. In about two hours, some can accomplish the same charge Level-1 kits take all night to produce. Even those with lower amps can cut your charging time in half.

Do Level-2 Chargers Have to Be Professionally Installed?

Level-2 electric car charger installation needs to be carried out by professional Electricians. Trying to install these chargers on your own could lead to a range of problems, not the least of which is overloading your home’s electrical system. Without an experienced, professional touch, the charger may not work properly at all. Besides that, some homes require panel upgrades to ensure their electrical systems can handle the extra load of a Level-2 charger.

Dustin was honest , informative, and personable. Great tech. Christian was honest and informative, way to go. You have stellar technicians....
— Michael Cummins

Let Milestone ‘Fix it in a Flash' for You!

Helping You Make the Most of Your Ev Charger

Different types of electric vehicle chargers are available, and not all of them are right for all homes. Some require panel upgrades whereas others may simply need to be wired into your existing panel. Milestone’s Technicians are here to help determine which type of charging station best meets your needs. We’ll check your home’s electrical system and discuss your requirements and expectations. From there, we’ll work with you to decide which option is best for you.

Here at Milestone, we’re proud to be Heath’s go-to source for electrical services, and we’re dedicated to going above and beyond our industry’s standards to take care of our customers. We have years of experience in electrical wiring, panel upgrades, and EV charger installation, so we’re fully equipped to get your new EV charger installed and working properly. With our help, you can begin taking advantage of all the benefits electric vehicles were meant to provide. Call us or fill out the form on our website to get the process started.

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