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Haslet’s Best Electricians

Breaker keeps tripping?

Outlet doesn’t work?

We handle all things
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Electric Car Charger Installation In Haslet, Texas

Providing Power to Your Electric Vehicle

The popularity of electric cars is growing rapidly, and the most optimal way to charge the cars is a dedicated home EV charger installation. A standard outlet could offer minimal charging for the vehicle, but it isn’t as reliable as an electric car charger installation from Milestone. With a charger installed specifically for your electric vehicle, it could open up a whole new world of possibilities.


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Milestone Electric Car Charger Installation

Milestone is the top-rated residential electrical installation team in Haslet, and our team has experience managing a variety of electrical projects for many years. You can rest assured that a new EV car charger will provide the performance levels you expect.

At Milestone, our Technicians perform the highest standard of services and are fully licensed and bonded. We disclose all the fine details when offering a complete estimate for the charger installations. Our team offers a complete and comprehensive quote that shows all charges including labor fees.

Our Electricians are fully licensed and deliver the highest standard of service. The professional team at Milestone is always upfront and transparent regarding pricing, so please reach out today to get a reliable quote on your new EV charger.

Why You Need an EV Charger for Your Home

Studies show that standard household outlets are not sufficient enough to charge an electric car fully in a short time. The standard outlets are 12 amp and 120-volt. While this is ideal for powering a home, it is not the best choice for charging an electric car to run throughout the day.

With standard outlets, the maximum charge the owner could expect is the equivalent of 50 miles, and most owners drive further than this just to go to and come back from work each day. Instead, the auto owners should consider installing a level 2 electric car charger.

The Level 2 chargers operate at 240 volts and decrease the time needed to charge the electric car. Faster charging speeds could make it possible for auto owners to use their electric vehicles as their dedicated transportation each day.

Level 2 chargers are available at 12 to 48 amps, and they can reduce the charging time for your electric vehicle significantly. Higher amperage means the charger completes the cycle and powers up the electric vehicle. For example, a charger at 40 amps takes 1/6 of the time to charge the electric car than standard household outlets.

Electric car charger installation offers a multitude of features, including technology that allows electric car owners to control their chargers with an app remotely. They can get updates about the current charging level and can adjust the current or pause the charge whenever they need to.

With a home installation, the electric car owner is not limited to public charging stations, and they can charge their cars at home. They won’t face the inconvenience of having to rely on local stations based on their hours of operations. The owner can charge their cars whenever they want. Milestone can provide all-electric car owners with a reliable and convenient service.

The Right Circuit for Your EV Charger

A new electric car charger connects directly to your home’s electrical system. You’ll need adequate capacity to support the new electrical installation and charge your electric car sufficiently. Our team can upgrade your electrical panel if it is incompatible with the highest-rated level 2 chargers.

They can inspect the electrical system and the car requirements, and they will make recommendations for the correct charger size. We at Milestone present you with all your options and aid you in making a well-informed decision about your car charger.

When an electrical panel upgrade is required, our Electricians can provide a full estimate for the services and set up the installation according to your schedule. We have experience in installing electrical connections properly according to electrical safety and building code regulations.

I've used Milestone several times since we moved to TX, they aren't the least expensive, but well worth the $$ spent. Very professional and get the job done when they promise...
— Gene Lindner

Let Milestone ‘Fix it in a Flash' for You!

Your Electric Car Charger Installation in Haslet

Our team at Milestone guarantees that all new electrical installations will operate as expected without any issues or electrical hazards. We complete all installations correctly and follow electrical safety regulations and building codes. Our team handles all new electrical projects with the utmost care and makes you and your electrical needs our top priority. When helping you choose a car charger, we ensure that you will receive the fastest charging option for your car at a price that you can afford.

At Milestone, we offer only the highest quality electrical products for homeowners, and we will help you make the best choice for your needs. If you need to review EV charger installations or products, our team can come for a visit and provide you with all the details and pricing information you need. To get an estimate, contact us at Milestone right now.