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Breaker keeps tripping?

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Whole House Surge Protection in Fairview, Texas

Safety for Your Electronics & Your Whole Home

To ensure your family’s safety, consider installing a whole house surge protector. Most people have limited knowledge of what surge suppression means. The standard multiplug used for surge protection is what is usually thought of, and that is correct, but the whole house protection is on a larger scale. Homeowners have numerous electronics, for example, TVs, dishwashers, refrigerators, entertainment and gaming systems, and computers. These electronics can be expensive purchases and easily destroyed due to a power surge. That’s why it is crucial to protect the home with a whole house surge protector.


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Surge Protection

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How Surge Protectors Works

The most common surge protectors are made of single to multiple oxide varistors (MOVs). When the MOVs receive a charge above what is determined to be a normal energy level, it drains or bleeds the charge back to the ground. In most instances, these surge protectors will need to be replaced every time they perform their suppressing task. Some suppressor systems can be used numerous times. They claim to have a higher life span; however, they do not offer any guarantees or assurances that the electronic appliances will not be damaged, and they are costly.

Milestone is a local expert in the Ft. Worth area. Our expert Electricians aim to understand our customer’s protection needs for their homes and educate what services will be included in that protection. We provide homeowners with knowledge about the various models and what can be expected of those models regarding the expected safety of the home’s electrical appliances. Our surge protectors have either a 5 or a 10-year limited warranty that will cover up to $25,000 if any electric components are damaged while using them.

Our Milestone Guarantee also promises that we will not stop working on any given job, until you are fully satisfied with every facet of the process–from start to finish. That ensures that you are fully satisfied with the entire process, and creates a level of trust between our technicians and you!

What is Protected with a Surge Suppressor?

The circuit boards of the home’s electrical appliances will be protected with a whole-house surge protector. Circuit boards are included in all large household appliances such as HVAC units, washers and dryers, dishwashers, computers, refrigerators, and anything else powered by electricity use. The surge protector will also safeguard against electrical surges produced with the cycling of appliances. The process of cycling is considered to be the most common cause of power surges. It’s common knowledge that more complex appliances such as air conditioning and heating systems use power cycling to function. Still, power cycles are also common in small appliances such as hairdryers. Small surges will not cause severe damage quickly, but they will compound if the problem is consistent, causing major disturbances.

If you decide to install a whole-house surge protector system, they guarantee protection for all types of electrical appliances. Without one, if surges occur and cause damage, the appliances will be expensive to replace. Homeowners in Ft Worth should call Milestone to combat these problems before they occur by installing a whole house surge protector.

***Update!! Great customer service by Chad at Milestone as he reached out in response to my review. Realizing an error was made, they have offered to make it right. I’m making some concessions and s...
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Levels of Surge Protection

There are three levels of surge protection. Our knowledgeable and professional team at Milestone can help determine at what level the home would receive the most benefit to ensure that electronic devices and appliances in the home are safe. Our professional Electricians will take time to educate you on the different options and help you make the best decision for yourself, your family and your home!

  • Panel Protection. The first level of surge suppression is achieved by installing the system into the home’s main breaker box. This system will protect from surges generated from inside the home and outside from the utility provider. The whole home will be protected at this level.
  • Deluxe Protection. The second level of protection will focus on protecting specific electronics and devices from power surges generated inside and outside the house. This type includes the additional layer protection for large surges occurring during storms.
  • Optimum Protection. The third type is the most encompassing level of protection. It combines the panel and deluxe protection but also includes energy savings and noise filtration services. Milestone has increased and modified this protection level so that homeowners can receive the highest quality of protection.

Our Customer Service Experience

At Milestone, we are dedicated to ensuring that each customer experience is positive. We want to make sure that every step is perfect. Our Electrician’s visit to your home is often considered to be the most important part of the service experience, but we want to ensure that each part of your service with us is top quality. This begins with the moment you contact one of our experienced customer service representatives. We strive to provide the best encounter with our customer service team. We guarantee that if any client is not 100% satisfied, we will do whatever it takes to make it right. Our knowledgeable staff is available to assist with any home electrical issues that may arise.