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Clogged toilet?
Shower draining slowly?

We handle all things drain cleaning in your home!

Carrollton’s Best Plumbers

Clogged toilet?

Shower draining slowly?

We handle all things drain cleaning in your home!


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Sewer Line Repair in Carrollton, Texas

Fixing The Dirty, So You Don’t Worry

While many homeowners don’t like to think about sewer lines, they’re a crucial part of keeping a home functioning smoothly. They’re designed to function “out of sight, out of mind.” This is usually the case, except when they’re broken or not working.

At Milestone, we know how essential sewer lines are to keeping your home functioning properly. All our Plumbers are licensed, insured, and expertly trained to handle sewer line repair and sewer line replacement and installation services at your home in Carrollton. If you have any questions or want to learn more information about how we can help repair sewer lines, call the experts at Milestone today.


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Carrollton's Leading Choice for Sewer Line Repair

Sewer lines can be complicated. That’s why every single member of our team goes through extensive training to be experts at sewer line repair and other plumbing services. If there’s a sewer line blockage, we have tools specially designed to allow quick and efficient removal with minimum disruption to your daily routine. We also perform sewer line inspections.

If we find any damage, our Plumbers will offer multiple different options on how to best proceed. All our Plumbers are licensed, certified, and thoroughly vetted, including an extensive background check and a drug screen, so you can feel confident that your home is safe in our hands.

Getting a Repair With Milestone

If you’ve noticed a problem with the sewer line, our experts can perform an inspection to determine the exact issue. While nobody wants to deal with sewer line issues, unfortunately, they happen all too frequently. Here are some of the repairs that we perform in the Carrollton area. If you experience any of these problems, call Milestone right away. We can find the problem, fix it quickly, and get you back to normal life fast.

Frequent Back-Ups or Clogs

One major red flag that a sewer line needs repair is frequent back-ups or clogs in the toilet or other drains. Typically, clogs usually occur in a single fixture and are easily remedied. However, clogs in more than one drain or plumbing fixture are a huge problem and indicate a sewer blockage. If your toilet, washing machine, or laundry machine are not draining properly, we can fix the problem. Call the experts at Milestone. We can help with any sewer blockage and fix it promptly to minimize the overall damage to a house or yard.

Water Damage

If there are unsightly brown patches on the ceiling or walls, it’s crucial to call the experts at Milestone right away. Another bad sign is noticing mildew and mold, which is also indicative of water damage.

Trees too Close to Sewer Lines

Are there trees close to the sewer lines in your yard? If so, that could be a serious problem. Roots can be incredibly destructive to sewer lines and cause cracks or other issues, which is why any trees too close to the line should be removed. However, we have all the tools and expertise we need to help you with these problems.

Unusually Green Grass

Are there random patches of unusually thick, green grass on the lawn? This typically means that there’s a break in the line, and the grass is getting extra “fertilizer,” which is why it’s so thick and lush. However, we can complete a repair or sewer line replacement to take care of the problem.

Corey arrived, evaluated the situation and provided a solution. It was that simple and that good!...
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Flooded or Foul-Smelling Lawn

If you did notice those green patches and didn’t do anything about it, the next step would be a flooded lawn that smells terrible. This means that not only is the sewer line broken but that it’s a serious repair. It’s vital to call us here at Milestone right away so we can find the break and repair it quickly and safely. However, it’s especially important for those who live in a warm climate, as sewer lines tend to be closer to the surface. However, we can help with a total sewer line replacement and have it running efficiently again in no time.

Unusually Cold Weather

Another common problem is sewer lines that have burst due to sustained freezing temperatures. While this may not be a common issue in Carrollton, frozen sewer lines have happened before. Our team members are all experts at repairing frozen or burst sewer lines. When this happens, call us right away so we can get it thawed and repaired promptly.

Let Milestone ‘Fix it in a Flash' for You!

Professional Sewer Line Repair in Carrollton

When you need quality and affordable sewer line repairs, replacements, or plumbing services in Carrollton, call the experts at Milestone. Our licensed and insured Plumbers are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and support through every step of the process. We take pride in our attention to detail, and we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the service we provide. If you’re not happy, we will do everything in our power to make it right. Call us to learn more about our 100% customer satisfaction Milestone Guarantee or to find out more information about sewer line repair.

The Milestone Promise

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, or we give your money back. We won’t stop working until you are happy with our services. That is why we have more satisfied customers and good reviews than any other company in the Metroplex.

Price Match Guarantee: Have you heard of our apples to apple price match guarantee? If you can find a company that provides lower prices for the same material, scope of work, insurance, warranty agreement, and BBB status, we will beat that price by$100!