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We handle all things air conditioning for your home!

Aubrey’s Best A/C Technicians

Room that doesn’t cool?

High energy bills?

We handle all things air conditioning for your home!


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AC Repair In Aubrey, Texas

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As a homeowner, you know how important it is to have reliable AC services during summers in Texas. The harsh summer temperatures are unbearable without proper air conditioning services, and without reliable services you could face serious health risks.

At the first sign of an AC issue, you should set up repair services with Milestone! Our HVAC professionals will complete a full inspection of your AC system and pinpoint the exact cause of the problem. Once we have found the problem, we offer a complete estimate and will set up the repair services at your earliest convenience. Here are a few of the problems that we can resolve at Milestone.


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Frequent System Cycling

When your air conditioner has reached a certain age, it will cease to operate at peak efficiency and struggle to keep up with the cooling demands of a Dallas home. You may notice that the circulating air doesn’t get cool as quickly as it once did, and your energy bills will begin to increase. At this point, it pays to have our team at Milestone come and check the system to see if it is worth repairing or if the time has arrived for a new unit.

When your system cycles too frequently, there are two common probabilities. First, there could be a draft around the thermostat that is causing irregular temperature readings, or the thermostat is not working properly. The first signs of this issue are AC systems turning off and then starting again almost immediately as well as higher than average energy costs that cannot be explained. Under these circumstances, you can set up AC repair to install a new thermostat or have it moved.

Drafts Around the Home

We will provide advice about drafts in your home, and we can help you eliminate skyrocketing costs to cool and heat your home. By sealing off your property around baseboards, windows, and doors, you could eliminate the drafts more effectively. Additionally, you will need to seal off your ductwork and ensure that it is not leaking underneath your property.

Odor or Smells Coming From Unit

If there are sudden foul odors coming from your AC system, there are a few possibilities. First, there could mold or mildew inside your unit because the condensation drain is clogged. Pets can also sometimes mistake vents for toilets, causing odors that can be difficult to remove. However, at Milestone, we can remedy the problem by cleaning out your ductwork. Seasonal cleaning services could eliminate common causes of unpleasant odors spreading through your home.

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The Unit Blows Hot Air

If your system is blowing hot air instead of cold, the cause could be low refrigerant levels or a system breakdown. Our Technicians will need to test your unit for a leak and determine if the refrigerant is leaking out of your unit. If we find a leak, we will complete the necessary steps to repair it. Next, we will charge your unit according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Your AC system must have steady refrigerant levels to produce cold air that will circulate throughout your home. If this doesn’t fix the problem, we will test other components such as the compressor, condenser coil, and fan.

The System Won't Engage

If you cannot get your unit to come on, we will begin by testing the thermostat. If the source of the problem is not the thermostat, our Technicians will check the wiring and determine if there is an electrical problem. We may need to install a new breaker or repair the wiring running to your AC system. Our Technicians will test your unit thoroughly to find the source of the issue.

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Quality AC Repair in Aubrey

At Milestone, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional HVAC services for all homeowners in Aubrey. We complete comprehensive repairs, routine maintenance, inspections, and brand-new installations. Our Technicians are knowledgeable about a variety of heating and cooling systems. We perform high-quality services and guarantee all our work with our Milestone Guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the job, we will fix the problem or get your money back!

Our HVAC professionals are familiar with a variety of heating and cooling systems, and we can complete assessments quickly and find the source of the problem. Once we know what the issue is, our Technicians will give you a complete estimate for the services. We have most of the parts and tools that we need in our trucks so that we can complete the repairs on the same day. You can learn more about setting up AC Repair in Aubrey by calling Milestone today!