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Trophy Club, TX Plumbers

•We handle all things Plumbing

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•100% Satisfaction Guarantee, or your money back


Trophy Club, TX

  • We handle all things plumbing
  • Book in under 2 minutes – we always answer live
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, or your money back

Plumbing in Trophy Club, TX

Your Efficient, Local Plumber

Functional plumbing makes for a more comfortable and sanitary environment. Trophy Club’s families use their plumbing several times a day, which means it’s important to address issues immediately. Our team can help resolve your plumbing problems no matter how big or small they may be. During our time in the business, we’ve seen it all, so we know how to keep the area’s residential plumbing systems working efficiently. Call or click today to schedule plumbing repairs or maintenance.


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Plumbing Services

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How to Tell When It's Time for Plumbing Repairs

Many homeowners put off calling for help until the issue is so big that it can’t be ignored, but that’s not always the best course of action. While it’s common for people to wait until a fixture no longer works, it’s better to address issues long before that. The sooner we can look at the home’s plumbing, the better the results will be. If any of these signs have appeared, it’s time to call a plumber.

  • Low or no water pressure
  • A lack of hot water
  • Leaking pipes
  • Foul odors
  • Drainage issues

Some residential plumbing problems are more serious than others. For instance, if there’s a sewage odor inside the home, it’s important to schedule service right away for the family’s health and safety. All the plumbing in a home is connected, which means a small issue can quickly grow into a big problem. Milestone’s team can point out and resolve many plumbing issues, but we can only help when you call us.

Pipe Leaks

Plumbing and piping leaks are a common and frustrating problem among Trophy Club’s homeowners. Most of the home’s plumbing is hidden behind walls and under floors, which makes it hard to monitor its condition. While some problems are rather obvious, others are harder to pinpoint. If there are signs such as mold, mildew, water damage, low water pressure, or an increasing water bill, there’s likely a leak somewhere.

Water damage is one of the most costly and damaging things that can happen to a home, but we’re here to prevent it while prioritizing your family’s safety. Call our plumbing team to find and fix that leak before it causes serious damage.

Plumbing Services

A home’s plumbing system runs through, under, and around the structure. Our Trophy Club plumbers can perform a range of repairs outside and inside the home, such as fixing leaky faucets, unclogging toilets and drains, repairing slab leaks, and fixing water heaters. We offer other services as well. No matter what kind of plumbing repairs you need, we can help. Call or click today to schedule an appointment.

Plumbing Replacement and Installation

The plumbing inside a modern home is more convenient and easier to use than it’s ever been in the past. With the use of water heaters, dishwashers, garbage disposals, washing machines, and other appliances, proper service has become even more important. At Milestone, we offer services like:

If you’re building a new home or doing some upgrades, our team of licensed plumbers can review various options and make recommendations. Don’t leave the home’s plumbing to an unlicensed handyman; call the pros at Milestone instead.

Installed a home surge protector and connected a 30 amp plugin to the breaker box for a generator. Also replaced two breakers that were tripping....
— Ellwyn & Tonia Thomas

We Can Handle Any Plumbing Job

At Milestone, we’re proud of the service we provide. Our local team is ready to handle any plumbing repairs in Trophy Club, TX, including maintenance, inspection, and installation. We want our customers to feel at ease around us, and that’s why each of our team members is required to complete a drug screening and background check before they’re allowed into your home. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a licensed, experienced, and professional plumber.

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Our Promise to You

Customer service and satisfaction are our top priorities. Milestone’s Promise says that our plumbers will continue working until you are completely satisfied. If you’re not happy, they’ll refund your money. That’s our promise, and we’re going to keep it.

We are proud to offer same-day service to Trophy Club’s homeowners. If we’re called before 10 am, we’ll come the same day. No matter the time or the weather, if there’s a plumbing emergency, we’ll be there to help.

Contact Us for Reliable Plumbing Service in Trophy Club

The team at Milestone offers high-quality residential plumbing services to Trophy Club’s homeowners. Our family-owned business provides great service at reasonable prices. With our price match guarantee, we won’t just match the price of comparable services from other local, licensed plumbers, we will beat that price by $100. Our knowledgeable, friendly customer service agents are ready to take your call and answer your questions, so reach out to us today.