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Trophy Club’s Best Electricians

Breaker keeps tripping?
Outlet doesn’t work?

We handle all things
electrical for your home!

Trophy Club’s Best Electricians

Breaker keeps tripping?

Outlet doesn’t work?

We handle all things
electrical for your home!


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Electrical Panel Services in Trophy Club

Making Sure the Breakers Don’t Break!

Every home in Trophy Club contains multiple systems and devices, each with its own function. The electrical panel or breaker box sits in the home somewhere, quietly doing its job while receiving very little appreciation. However, it controls the flow of electricity into the home.

If something alters this flow of electricity and a piece of equipment consumes excessive energy, the system overloads, and the electricity goes out. Milestone can help restore this electricity.

Our team of experienced electricians understands the complexity of the electrical system in the home. We will evaluate the electrical panel and determine if a breaker has gone bad or if something else is wrong. Once we have this information, we’ll fix it in a flash.


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What is an Electrical Panel?

Every home that has electricity has an electrical panel. This device works to circulate energy among devices and appliances in the home. It contains overload switches or circuits that will halt the flow of electricity when a problem is detected.

By halting the flow of electricity, the panel prevents severe damage to the home. You cannot see the wiring that is behind the walls of the home. This makes it difficult to detect a problem, so the panel does this job for you.

The Panel's Location

Every homeowner should know where the electrical panel is in their home. In addition, they must know how the panel operates. If there is an emergency in the home, they may need to visit the panel and shut one or more circuits down.

Breaker boxes vary in terms of their location with homes. Some builders install the electrical panel in the garage or outdoors. Older homes have the panels in a closet or utility room. Regardless of where the panel is, ensure there is a minimum of three feet of clearance around the box so you can access it quickly when needed.

Expert Panel Upgrades in Trophy Club

While every homeowner should know how their electrical panel works, no homeowner should upgrade this device without professional help. This panel is very complex, and electricians must undergo extensive training to make certain they know how to do the job right.

Milestone electricians know how to assess the electrical system in the home and will share what they find with you. During this assessment, the technician checks the safety and function of the panel to ensure it operates efficiently and safely.

The panel may require minor repairs or need to be replaced. Never put off repairs to the electrical panel, as you want to avoid the need for an emergency repair whenever possible. Although Milestone offers emergency repairs, it’s best to be proactive with the breaker box.

If our technician finds any problems with the electrical panel, they’ll let you know what they found. In addition, they make recommendations for correcting these issues.

Changed out batteries in smoke detector. Looked at grounding wires in pool area....
— Louis Antos

When a Panel Replacement is Needed

An electrical panel may need repairs, and our electricians will fix it in a flash. At times, however, the electrical panel needs replacement to protect the home and its occupants. We only make this recommendation when other options won’t restore the panel in terms of its safety and effectiveness.

Our electrician may recommend this step when the current box is 15 years of age or older or when they see visual corrosion on the panel or cover. Multiple breaker brands within the panel lead to the need for a replacement, and any rust on the system means it is time to replace this panel.

Homeowners should never take the cover off their electrical panel. Only a licensed electrician should remove the panel cover, as doing so exposes the person to electrical shock issues.

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The Milestone Promise

Our customers turn to us for outstanding service, and we promise to provide exactly that. If you aren’t satisfied with our work, let us know. We’ll continue working until we have your satisfaction.

Milestone's Expert Electricians Serve Trophy Club

Milestone understands the customer experience goes above and beyond their contact with the electrician visiting the home. From the moment you call to request a visit from the electrician until they leave the home, you can expect to be treated with respect. We’ll treat your home as if it is our own, and every member of our team will answer questions and address concerns. We are here to serve you.

Contact Milestone when you need electrical panel services. We’re ready to help. We also offer an online form for appointment scheduling if that is easier for you. Our team cannot wait to help you with your electrical panel needs.