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Trophy Club’s Best Plumbers

Clogged toilet?
Shower draining slowly?

We handle all things drain cleaning in your home!

Trophy Club’s Best Plumbers

Clogged toilet?

Shower draining slowly?

We handle all things drain cleaning in your home!


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Drain Repair in Trophy Club

Doing The Drain Work For You

Homeowners want to protect their largest asset and will do what is necessary to achieve this goal. The plumbing system plays a key role in the overall functioning of the home. When one or more drains clog, major issues can ensure and lead to costly repairs.

In addition, homeowners must ensure the drain lines comply with all building codes or risk fines and penalties.


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Drain Repairs

Get $59 Off Drain Repairs

Milestone understands certain household problems are easy to fix without professional help. However, when it comes to clogged drains in the home, it’s best to leave this work to us. Our Milestone plumbers will clean drain lines quickly, so you can move on with your life, knowing a backed-up drain won’t do damage to the home.

Our plumbers arrive at each job with specialized equipment to take care of any problem. We’ll run a camera through the drain lines to identify all problems and use a pipe snake to eliminate any clogs. Drainage pipes do more than move water throughout the home. They also function to keep unpleasant smells from making their way into the house.

Milestone technicians handle complex drain problems and simple ones. We’ll address issues with the drain in your kitchen sink or the major blockage in the underground sewer lines. We are here to help in any way we can.

Milestone educates customers on the drainage system and how it functions. As a family-owned and operated company, we understand how important it is for you to feel comfortable with the work being done at the home. We feel the same when it comes to our houses. Our plumbers will explain what the problem is and what solutions are best to resolve the issue. Call us and you’ll have a plumber you can trust and respect working on your home’s plumbing system.

Milestone's Plumbing Experts

Every plumber working for Milestone has undergone countless hours of training to ensure they provide you with the highest level of service while resolving all issues with the drain lines. We require them to complete a background and drug test before we offer them employment and conduct random drug tests while they work for us.

We want you to feel comfortable when they come to address your clogged drains. When they arrive to restore the proper functioning of the plumbing system, they will answer your questions in a friendly and professional manner.

Regardless of what work is needed, Milestone plumbers always put the customer first and will offer the solutions to resolve your issue and restore the proper flow of water in the home. While completing these repairs, the plumbers adhere to all building codes and safety protocols. This ensures there are no problems when you sell the home in the future.

Our Trophy Club plumbers focus on residential jobs. There are many components found in the residential plumbing system, and we know how they work together as a functioning unit. If you are experiencing any problems, call us. We’ll examine the entire system and make any repairs, so the problem doesn’t escalate and lead to an emergency.

Clogged Drains and Their Hazards

People find having workmen in the home to be very disruptive. When you call on Milestone for help with your clogged drains, we finish the job quickly while ensuring the work is done right. Our technicians pay attention to the details and will communicate with you throughout the repair process in Trophy Club.

Clogged drains may affect the structural integrity of the home. Items make their way into drains over time, and this food, dirt, and oil can lead to a partial or complete blockage of the drain. They contaminate the water and could stop its flow.

Any clog in the drain may encourage bacterial growth, and these bacteria could harm the health of those living in the home. The waste present in the drain serves as the perfect breeding ground for germs.

A clog in the pipes can lead to dirty water and waste material making their way into the home. The germs in this raw sewage may make the family ill. Avoid this by calling Milestone as soon as you suspect there is a problem with the drainage system.

In addition, this raw sewage may lead to structural damage when it accumulates around the foundation of the home. In extreme cases, the sewage could flood the home and damage the walls and floors.

This could lead to mold and mildew growing in the home. Milestone will remove these blockages to protect the home from damage.

Even when the water doesn’t make it into the foundation of the home, it remains a health hazard. Any standing water in the yard serves as the ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects. As many of these pests carry germs harmful to humans, they need to be eradicated as soon as possible.

As always, happy with a milestone and their wonderful client care. Christian was excellent and explained all that we needed to know about our electrical issues. Many thanks!...
— KA W

Let Milestone ‘Fix it in a Flash' for You!

Outstanding Customer Service

At Milestone, we always put the customer first. From the moment you call to schedule a visit until the work is complete and we leave the home, you will receive the best care possible.

Every job we do comes with a complete satisfaction guarantee we refer to as the Milestone Promise. Our work isn’t done until you say it is. Call us today to set up your appointment. We offer same-day appointment availability and have plumbers on call around the clock if an emergency arises. Reach out and we’ll fix your clogged drains in a flash.