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Water Quality Services in Rockwall, Texas

You Can Trust Your Water With Us

When it comes to our very survival, only air is more important than safe, healthy water. That’s not all. Drinking water is part of a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to motivate yourself or anyone else to drink it, unless it smells and tastes great. Then again, the best tasting water can harbor some nasty chemicals and organisms.

Have you ever wondered if your water quality was acceptable? You can find out! Milestone will gladly come out and check your water for you. This will give you the peace of mind of knowing your water is perfectly safe. If we do find something amiss, we can recommend and install a water filtration system for you. Our Technicians are also happy to add a water softener to your home plumbing system, should it be revealed that you have hard water. This is a matter of safety, health, and quality of life.


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We believe that safety is most important. That’s why we prioritize this above all else. We’d never want you to become ill because of the water coming into your household. At the same time, Milestone understands that you need water that has a pleasant taste, and no foul odors. Further, sometimes, water isn’t quite clear. This can stain your clothing over time. If you’ve noticed a dingy, yellow color in your whites, this could be the problem. You don’t need better laundry soap. You need better water! Of course, this is also unacceptable.

If you are experiencing any issues with your water, please reach out to us. We have skilled Plumbers on our team who have taken thousands of hours of training to be able to analyze the quality of your water, determine if you need a water softener, or install a water filtration system. Our Technicians can also troubleshoot problems with your existing filtration system, and make repairs as needed. They are the best Plumbers in the area, and every one of them takes a drug test and undergoes a thorough background. These are all conditions of employment at Milestone. We’d never dream of sending anyone to your home without checking them out.

Drink More Water And Call Milestone!

Your water may be flowing as it should, but is it safe and healthy? Maybe you’ve noticed the taste is off, or it simply smells a bit weird. If so, you should be concerned. This could be a serious water quality issue. The cause could be microbes, chemicals, or other contaminants in your water.

At Milestone, we want you and your family to have the best quality water for drinking, showering, and washing. In order to help with this, we can send a skilled Plumber to check the quality of your water and help you with an affordable solution that works. We can install a water filtration and conditioning system to significantly improve the safety and taste of your water. Your Technician can also install a water softener so that your clothes will be cleaner, and you won’t have to worry about sediment building up in your pipes. That last part will help you avoid nasty clogs in the future.

Save Money And The Planet

What happens when your water doesn’t taste good? Of course, you don’t want to drink it. Your family will avoid it as well. That water gets replaced with bottled water, juices, and soda. These aren’t nearly as healthy. Worse, they are costly, and they create more waste. Spending a bit on improving your water quality today could make a big difference. You’ll spend less money on sugary drinks, and produce less household trash. That’s a worthwhile effort!

Milestone was quick to respond to my call and send a plumber out. Same day service. Chris and Al were courteous, respectful and explained everything they were going to do all along the way. The got th...
— Della Pruitt

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Your Experience is Important to Us

When we send a Technician to your home to assess your water or perform any installation work, you can be sure that they will be prompt, professional, and polite. Our Plumbers maintain a clean work area and will leave your home just as they found it. However, we also understand that your contact with us goes beyond this. That’s why we guarantee that every interaction with you will be influenced by our goal of 100% customer satisfaction. You will be treated with courtesy at every point. We’ve even designed our website to allow you to find any information you need with ease. Remember, that we are available to you if you have any issues. Please let us know if you have concerns. We’ll work hard to fix them until you are completely satisfied.