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Rockwall’s Best Heater Technicians

Room uncomfortable?
Uneven room temperatures?

We handle all things heating for your home!

Rockwall’s Best Heater Technicians

Room uncomfortable?

Uneven room temperatures?

We handle all things heating for your home!



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Heater Installation in Rockwall, Texas

Installing Your Heater Right The First Time

The heater that heats your home is one of the most critical systems in the entire house. While many homeowners may use the “out of sight, out of mind” methodology when it comes to systems like plumbing or HVAC, maintaining regular maintenance and ensuring they’re in good working order is critical to a comfortable home.

Here at Milestone, we know just how important it is to you that your family stays warm and toasty when the months turn cold. Our experienced HVAC Technicians have the skills and knowledge to safely, quickly, and affordably install, repair, or replace any model heater, whether it’s gas or electric.

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When homeowners in Rockwall need heater installation or replacement services, they call the professionals at Milestone. We’re experienced with all things heater-related, so when it’s time to install the new unit, our HVAC techs will be done shortly and have your home warm again before long. Our customers have confidence that they can trust our workmanship, skills, and our 100% satisfaction Milestone Guarantee. That means if you’re not happy, we’re not happy. When that happens, our Technicians won’t leave until you’re satisfied with the work we’ve completed.

Our HVAC techs go through thousands of hours of training, and before they become a part of the Milestone family, they have to go through an extensive background check and drug screen. That’s how our customers know they can trust us and that they’re in safe hands when it’s time for plumbing, electric, or HVAC services.

At Milestone, We Solve Heating Problems

As a homeowner, it’s essential to keep a close eye on the heating system and heater to ensure it’s functioning safely and correctly. However, for those that aren’t licensed as an HVAC tech, it can be confusing to know exactly which signs to watch out for that could indicate a problem. Luckily, our licensed and insured HVAC Technicians are experts at identifying heater and heating system issues, repairing them, and installing new units, too. If any of these problems occur, we can fix them.

  • High Utility Bills: If the monthly utility bills are suddenly really high, it could mean a problem with the heater. When a heater doesn’t run efficiently, it pulls more power to heat less square footage, which is what pumps the bill up so high.
  • Uneven Heat: Is it necessary to wear a sweatshirt in one room and a t-shirt in the other? If the rooms are heating unevenly, it could be due to a heater problem. Once a heater starts to age, it can’t heat as reliably as it used to, which can mean an uneven heat distribution throughout the house.
  • Hearing Strange Noises:A heater should only ever make noise when it’s actively turned on and heating a house. However, if the heater is suddenly making strange banging, popping, rattling, or hissing noises, there’s some trouble going on. Call us here at Milestone right away, and our HVAC Technicians will perform an inspection to find the problem. We offer 24/7 emergency services, too, so feel free to call us any time of the day or night, and we’ll head right over. Then, we’ll go through all the available options until you find the one best for your budget and home needs.
  • Blowing Cold Air: A heater that blows cold or warm air instead of hot has some issues. This can mean that it either needs repair or replacement. However, before we make any decisions, we always refer to the customer. It’s vital to be well-informed before making a decision, and we’re here to offer guidance.
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  • Yellow Pilot Light: If the pilot light on the heater is yellow instead of blue, that’s a very bad sign. A yellow flame indicates the presence of carbon monoxide, which is an extremely dangerous gas. If there’s a heater in your home, there should also be a carbon monoxide detector. If the pilot light turns yellow, be sure to shut off the fuel source to the heater and call the professionals at Milestone right away.
  • Frequent Repairs: If the heater has undergone frequent repairs in the last two years is most likely nearing the end of its life. Just like a vehicle, eventually, it’s not worth the cost to continue repairing an older or faulty heater. However, we can help guide you through this process. Our experienced HVAC Technicians and sales reps will help you find the right model heater. We never try to upsell our customers on something they don’t need.

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Here at Milestone, we’re the leading choice for heater installation services in the Rockwall area and the rest of Texas, too. We offer fast, friendly, and affordable plumbing, electricity, and HVAC services, and we offer our years of experience in helping you keep your family warm and toasty all winter long. We also offer highly competitive rates and the best customer service experience possible. We guarantee it. If you’re not happy, we’re not leaving until the job’s finished to your liking. Call the professionals at Milestone today to learn more about our heater installation services or schedule a consultation.