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Plano, TX Plumbing Services

Do you need toilet repair?
Have a leak in your home?

We handle all things plumbing for your home!


Plano, TX Plumbing Services

Do you need toilet repair?

Have a Leak in your home?

We handle all things plumbing for your home!


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Milestones' Plumbing Service in Plano!

Do you hear the tap, tap, tap of the water leaking out of your faucet? Did your kid just leave the bathroom and tell you the toilet isn’t flushing? Both of these scenarios can feel like a real pain, but don’t stress! Call Milestone so we can send our Plano plumbers to your Plano home to repair any plumbing issues! Since we hire and train only the best, you can count on our technicians to make sure water is flowing smoothly and efficiently, all throughout your home. Our Plumbing experts will be able to address issues ranging from,

  1. Any leaking faucets
  2. Ensuring your toilet is working properly 
  3. Fixing any slab leaks around the home

These might seem like small problems, but if left unaddressed, they could build up to a larger problem — which means a larger financial cost. You can count on Milestone to service your plumbing needs that work for you.

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Our Plumbing Experts are Different

At Milestone, we understand that when an emergency arises, like a leaky faucet, you and your family need an expert right away. With Milestone’s same day guarantee, you can give us a call the moment you see any plumbing problem, and we’ll get one of our skilled Plumbers at your house in no time. Our plumbing technicians are background checked and drug tested, so that you can feel comfortable and safe allowing us to work in your home. Additionally, they go through thousands of hours of extensive training! This means you can count on quality service work being done, and feel confident that any other plumbing issues will be addressed and resolved.

No H2O? Well Here We Go!

Water is considered the basis of all life, so when a problem arises with your water in your home, you can’t hesitate to ask for help. By calling Milestone, you can rest assured that the leaking pipes, or the clogged toilet, will be resolved in no time, so you and your family can feel relief! Since our Plumbers in Plano are experts in all things pipe and plumbing related — we’ll be sure to double check other areas to keep your home in tip top shape. In between any repairs, or services, we strongly recommend utilizing plumbing maintenance by routinely checking faucets, ensuring your toilet continuously flushes smoothly, and checking the ground around your home for any potential issues.

4 Plumbing Issues in Plano Homes

Numerous problems can develop in residential plumbing systems. Some are complex and affect the whole house. Others are fairly simple and only cause trouble with a single drain or faucet. No matter how big or small your plumbing issues are, our team can help. We have extensive experience with serving Plano homes and take part in ongoing training so we can handle any issue you may be facing. Take a look at some of the common plumbing problems that our team at Milestone can fix:

  • Leaky Faucets: Faucet leaks are, by far, the most common plumbing problems in Plano homes.  Leaks that form around the base of a faucet can damage your countertops, cabinets, flooring, and other components over time. 
  • Clogged Drains: Grease, grime, hair, and other items form sticky sludge that clings to drain pipes. Over time, that buildup gets thicker and thicker until it prevents the drain from working. 
  • Broken Toilets: It could be that the toilet runs constantly but never seems to fill up. That problem alone can waste a significant amount of water and prevent the toilet from flushing properly. 
  • Damaged Drain Lines: Drainage systems consist of far more components than just the drains in your home. They’re made up of a series of pipes that lead away from the house and into the public sewer system.  Roots have been known to grow into drain lines as well. Getting damaged drain lines repaired and working properly is particularly important, and we’re here to handle the problem.

Our Customers are Priority

Milestone understands that the amount of time our Plumbers are in your Plano home is only for a small portion of your overall interaction with us. And while it might be the most important part of your experience, we absolutely refuse to neglect any other area of the service we may provide you. When you call Milestone, you’ll speak with our well-trained customer service providers who will offer you the highest level of support. We are so committed to providing excellent customer service, we actually guarantee it. If you are not 100% satisfied with your Milestone service, we will do everything in our power to make it right. We have a plumber near you in Plano, TX!

Our Plumbing Service will ‘Fix it in a Flash'

Serving Our Plano, TX Community

At Milestone Electric, A/C, & Plumbing, we are proud to establish our plumbing services in Plano Texas, and its surrounding areas, including Murphy, Parker, and Allen. We have a strong presence in many neighborhoods within Plano, such as Creekside Estate, University Estate, Park Forest North, and Glenhollow Estates, ensuring that a quality plumber is always near our valued customers. Our involvement with the community goes beyond plumbing repairs; we are also proud sponsors of Prestonwood Christian Academy. This partnership shows our dedication to supporting local schools and contributing positively to the community’s growth and well-being.

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