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Sump Pump Services in Grand Prairie, Texas

Protecting You When You Need It Most

Sump pumps may not be the most glamorous of household devices, but they play an essential role in protecting crawl spaces and foundations from water damage. They sit at the lowest point of homes in dug-in sump pits, and they only kick on when serious rain, burst pipes, or plumbing issues cause a sudden influx of water, so it’s easy for you to overlook them. That said, having a functioning sump pump is crucial when flood risks start to rise.

Here in Grand Prairie, when it rains, it always seems to pour. Severe weather is one of the leading causes of flooding, but sump pumps offer a level of protection against water damage during these inclement weather events. At Milestone, we install, service, and repair sump pumps in the Grand Prairie area.


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How Our Sump Pumps Work

The water drains naturally to the lowest spot in or under the house, which is its sump pit. When the water starts to accumulate, the sump pump’s float switch will tell it to kick on and it will start pumping the water out of the pit and through a drain. If the device is working as intended, the end of the line for all that stormwater will be the closest municipal drain or a dry well placed in the yard, far from the house.

Given the seemingly ever-increasing frequency of storms in Grand Prairie, it’s surprising that not all homes are equipped with sump pumps. Some building contractors overlook this essential component, leaving you and your family without the protection they need to weather the storm without lasting foundation damage. The best solution is to call Milestone to schedule a sump pump installation.

Sump Pump Installations at Milestone

When the weather is beautiful and there’s not a cloud in the sky, few homeowners think about how well-protected their properties are against floods. That’s a mistake. Severe flood events can occur at any time, especially during the rainy season. Crawl spaces can also flood following a burst pipe or another serious plumbing malfunction. At Milestone, we think of sump pump installation as a form of insurance. After we install one, it will sit inactive for most of the time. However, when a flood comes, your home will be prepared when you invest in an installation through Milestone. When you trust us with your installation, you will also have the benefit of our Milestone Guarantee. We guarantee your satisfaction 100%, or we will come and fix the problem.

Sump Pump Maintenance at Milestone

At Milestone, we make sure your drainage systems are in a state of good repair and engineered properly to allow the water to be safely removed from your home. It is also important that you rely on us to inspect and test your sump pump on occasion to make sure it is ready for a severe storm or flood event. Don’t just forget about your sump pump, let our experts at Milestone take care of them. These routine visits are short, affordable, and give expert Plumbers a chance to inspect the pump and the drainage system to make sure they won’t fail when they are needed most.

Michael W performed a home safety audit and replaced switches. I could not be more pleased with his service and will ask for him for future needs. All services and technicians from Milestone have be...
— Sandra Frits

Let Milestone ‘Fix it in a Flash' for You!

Our regular sump pump maintenance reduces the risk of system failures and helps to keep associated costs low. It can extend the usable lifespan of the equipment since our Technicians will be able to identify and resolve problems early. Our experts at Milestone can also provide sump pump repairs for any model. Just make sure to schedule an inspection and any necessary repairs before the next big storm hits.

Homeowners in Grand Prairie are in luck. Whether you already have a sump pump and need to have it maintained or repaired, or your house is currently unprotected and you want to do something about it by scheduling a sump pump installation, Milestone can help. Our expert Plumbers go through thousands of hours of training before setting foot on a single job site. We also go above and beyond the competition by background checking and drug screening each new hire, helping to keep Grand Prairie families safe and secure in their homes.

Milestone doesn’t just offer sump pump services. Our home services company can do it all, from plumbing repairs to electrical installations, HVAC maintenance, and more. When you entrust your home’s vital systems to Milestone, you will never have to worry about who to call when something goes wrong. They can always trust us to offer the best services in town for affordable, competitive, and transparent prices. Milestone even offers a 100% customer service satisfaction guarantee, so there’s nothing to lose. Call to schedule sump pump services today.