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3 Tips for Fixing a Toilet Leak

Do you have a leaky toilet? If so don't worry, we have some helpful tips to help save your bathroom and any rooms below it from severe water damage.

Repairing a toilet leak, like many plumbing repairs, is best left to the professionals who have the knowledge and experience necessary to quickly diagnose and repair any problem. With that, we have 3 tips that you can use to slow or stop the leak while you're waiting for a qualified plumber to come out and fix the problem.

1) Turn Off the Water The first step you should take when you experience any problems with your toilet is to shut off the water supply. Behind your toilet -- usually below the tank -- you should see a silver handle with hoses attached to it that run to the toilet. Turn this handle clockwise until it stops. Make sure that you are not forcing the handle as it can break, leaving you with a much bigger mess to deal with.

2) Find Out Where the Leak is Coming From The second thing you should do is determine where the leak is coming from. It can be hard to figure out where the leak originated as there are a number of seals in your toilet to prevent water from escaping. One trick that will help you find where the leak is coming from is to put food coloring in the water of your toilet tank. After about 10 minutes, the dye should be evenly distributed. You can then look for the dye color in and around your toilet, to see where any water may be leaking.

3) Look for Damage Lastly, you will want to double check and see if your leak is coming from a chip or crack in your toilet. If you see damage anywhere in your system, you should mention this to your plumber because there is a chance that the toilet needs to be replaced.

Top-Notch Plumbing Repair If you ever find yourself in need of a plumbing repair, make sure to call Milestone! We have licensed, back-ground checked and professionally trained plumbers who will complete your repair in an efficient manner. Call Milestone today and we'll make sure your toilet is running as good as new.