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Water Quality Services in Lake Worth, Texas

You Can Trust Your Water With Us

When most people think about water filtration, they’re only considering how important it is to have a constant supply of water that’s both good-tasting and safe to drink flowing from their taps. In fact, having quality water that’s safe and healthy is essential throughout the home.

The first step toward improved water quality is to schedule a water check to see if there are any chemicals or biological contaminants that could be harming the family’s health. From there, Milestone can install water filtration systems and water softeners as needed to remove contaminants and excess minerals, leaving customers water that’s safe not just for drinking, but for bathing, doing dishes and laundry, and using throughout the home.

The pros at Milestone are committed to protecting the health and safety of Lake Worth families. That’s why we have expanded our services to include water filtration and water softener installation. We also offer in-depth testing services.


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Water Filtration in Lake Worth

Filtered, softened water isn’t just safer to drink. It also tastes, smells, and looks better than the water that comes from most Texas taps. These may seem like aesthetic concerns, but they’re actually very important. If the water running from the faucets is an unusual color, it could stain clothes. If it smells or tastes bad, you may hesitate to drink it even if you know the water is technically safe for human consumption.

If you are worried about any of these problems, or you just want to feel confident that your family is drinking the best water in town, you should call Milestone right away.We hire only licensed, professional Plumbers who have undergone thousands of hours of specialized training. Each person on our team knows the ins and outs of every component in residential plumbing systems, and each of them has undergone extensive background testing and drug screening. These extra precautions mean you won’t just feel safer knowing that your water is clean. You will also have an assurance that the Plumbers who are coming into your home are trustworthy industry experts.

Cleaning Lake Worth Water

You may not think about water quality until they notice something amiss with what’s coming out of your taps. Symptoms of poor water quality like unpleasant tastes or smells and unusual colors are just the tip of the iceberg, though. They indicate that there are contaminants in the water, and those contaminants can cause all kinds of problems.

Biological and chemical contaminants can have a dramatic negative impact on your family’s health. It can cause gastrointestinal distress, create or exacerbate nervous system and reproductive issues, and even contribute to elevated cancer risk. Not all of these impacts will be evident right away, though. Sometimes, people don’t know they’ve been exposing themselves to harmful pathogens or chemicals until years later when they start to develop health problems.

Preventing Long-Term Problems With Milestone

Not all the impacts of poor water quality take years to show up, and some of them have more of an impact on daily life and your home’s plumbing system than they do on its inhabitants. Hard water, which contains high concentrations of minerals, can wreak havoc on your plumbing system by building up on fixtures, around drains, and inside of pipes, causing corrosion that weakens all of these components and makes them more prone to breaks, blockages, and failures.

Hard water also gives people dry, itchy skin when they use the water to bathe or wash their hands, takes all the luster out of residents’ hair, and makes it nearly impossible to remove 100% of the soap residue from laundry and dishes. Look for signs like water spots on the dishes, clothes that feel hard and scratchy after coming out of the dryer, and mineral buildup on faucets or around the drains. They all indicate that your household could benefit from a water softener.

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Quality Services in Lake Worth

If you want to leave nothing up to chance when it comes to your family’s health and your property’s safety, you can take one simple step, regardless of whether you’ve noticed the symptoms described above. You can call Milestone to schedule a water test. We will send out an expert Technician trained to check for all common contaminants. If our Technicians find anything unexpected lingering in the water, they can make recommendations about water filtration systems, water softeners, and other solutions.

Unlike some companies, Milestone believes in transparency, fairness, and unparalleled customer satisfaction. Each Plumber and water quality Technician has received training that allows them to uphold those values, so they’ll never up-sell you on products or services they don’t need. Plus, Milestone offers a 100% customer service satisfaction guarantee called our Milestone Guarantee. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by finding out what’s in your family’s drinking water supply, so you can call to schedule an assessment today.