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Most water leaks are fairly easy to diagnose. You notice a spout of water pouring out from beneath your sink, a flood of water tumbling out of your bathtub or a trickle dropping from your attic. These are all fairly common leak symptoms, but what about when water is leaking through walls or wet spots are appearing along the floor? You might have a slab leak – a problem much harder to fix on your own without professional assistance.

A slab leak occurs when the pipes behind concrete walls or beneath concrete floors start to leak. They can go unnoticed for weeks or even months as they start to trickle throughout your home, but eventually you’ll notice issues starting to develop as your wallpaper or carpets grow damp. If you ignore it for too long, damage will start building up dramatically. You need to take action; that’s where Milestone Plumbing comes in.


A common issue leading to slab leaks is weakness in the materials in the plumbing system installed in your Dallas, Ft. Worth area home. This might include old iron pipes or the fittings holding those pipes together. It may even be shoddy workmanship used to install those pipes, well before you ever moved in. Additionally, it is possible that unmetered water pressure or excessively hard water is causing damage to your pipes. Temperature can also have an impact on pipe integrity and cause leaks – requiring insulation and immediate repair.

There are a number of potential issues here, and because those pipes are buried beneath thick slabs of concrete, it will take an expert eye and measurement tools to pinpoint where the leak is coming from and how to access those broken pipes. The last thing you want is to peal up a massive slab of concrete when you could just as easily have cut out a one square foot section to replace a burst pipe.


One of the most dangerous types of slab leak occurs in a balcony. If you have a balcony on your home and you notice new or growing cracks along the underside of that balcony, observe those cracks and check for water traveling up the length of the space. It could be that a leak has occurred behind that slab of concrete and water is traveling along its length, potentially causing further leaks.

The danger here should be evident. Leaks beneath a raised surface can weaken its hold to the house. If it grows too weak, it could possibly crumble or even fall from the house. Damage is one thing, but if someone is standing on or beneath that balcony, there could be serious injury.

If you notice a potential slab leak on your balcony, call us immediately. The risk is too great to rely on a leak detector or your own guessing. You may need a contractor to help reinforce your balcony as well.


Depending on where the slab leak occurs, it will take between a half day and two days to repair. Basement leaks are the least intrusive, but keep in mind that if a slab leak has existed for a prolonged period of time, there may be foundational damage. In such a case, additional tests may be needed to check for potentially dangerous conditions in your Dallas, Ft. Worth area home.

Whatever happens, know that a slab leak is a very serious situation. At Milestone, we take slab leaks very seriously and will carefully investigate all potential sources. Only once we are satisfied that every potential leak has been filled and that no permanent damage has been done to your home will we be satisfied. Know for a fact that your home is safe to live in and that all leaks are plugged. Call us today.


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