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Did you know that most homes in DFW have inefficient air flow? This can be caused by a few different things in your system. Insufficient levels of fresh air being blown into the home by your system or lack of air filtration can cause issues such as uneven room temperatures and high/low humidity levels.

In order for you and your family to keep comfortable without having to break the bank on energy bills, it’s very important to maintain a high level of air efficiency!


Indoor Air Quality

Every home is different. Homes can be big, small, open, closed, the list goes on and on. Air can be distributed in many different ways, and more often than not air distribution is overlooked during the system installation process, leading to poor air balance and efficiency. Without proper tools or training, it can be very tough and frustrating trying to fix and improve air flow. Lucky for you our expert technicians at Milestone can solve this issue in your home.

Licensed Milestone technicians are equipped with measuring devices that allow them to determine air flow needs. Problems could come from defects in your ducts, improper ventilation, insufficient fresh air flow, or anything else in your system. Whatever the problem, our technicians are trained to find and fix them for you.


One problem your home may have is the humidity level. If the humidity level is too high in your home there may be a presence of growing mold, which is a health risk. An indicator of this is a foul smell accompanied with visual growth. A home that has too low of a humidity level can cause physical symptoms like nose bleeds and dry throat. If you have wooden floors it’s very important to maintain a normal level of humidity as wood planks will swell in high humidity and contract and shrink in low humidity.

After evaluating and measuring your humidity levels, our technicians can install a whole home humidifier or dehumidifier to resolve this issue.


Fresh air from outside is distributed into your home by your system. If your home is not getting enough fresh air from your blower, it can cause your air to become dusty and unclean. An option to resolve this issue is to add a fresh air ventilator to your unit.

To improve air quality inside the home, specialized air filters can be used to increase home comfort.
• Charcoal filters – This type of filter attracts and absorbs chemicals and removes them from your air.
• Electronic Air Cleaners – This type of filter is electrically charged and traps large particles as they pass through your system. The filter is reusable after being cleaned every few months.
• HEPA Filters – High Efficiency Particulate Air filters are great for trapping and removing very small particles that other filters would otherwise miss.

Make sure to give Milestone a call at 214-267-2405 or 817-267-2405 if you have any of the above issues. Our licensed HVAC experts are ready to solve your problems and improve your home’s air efficiency!

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