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Your central heating and air conditioning rely fully on the quality and condition of the ducts in your home to perform their best. As important as it is to keep your heating and cooling systems regularly tuned up, your systems cannot do their job without also having the proper channels to circulate warm or cold air to you. At Milestone, we offer a variety of duct services to help you breathe easy with the knowledge that your home is healthy, all while saving you money by adding to your home’s heating and cooling efficiency. If you notice any of the following issues in your home, your ducts may be to blame:

  • Rooms not heating/cooling properly
  • Dusty/musty smell coming from air vents
  • Extreme temperature changes from room to room

Our Milestone Indoor Air Quality Experts are trained to inspect and evaluate the overall efficiency of your heating and cooling systems from the source at the unit to each output in your home. Because Milestone is a licensed HVAC company, we can take the extra step most other companies can’t: our team will actually open, inspect, and clean your central heating and air conditioning units as well as the ductwork. We offer a variety of duct services to meet your needs.


Dirty and dingy ducts can be the catalyst for an unclean and oftentimes unhealthy home. While you can clean the outside of vent covers protecting your ducts on a regular basis, this does not mean the air entering your home is clear of contaminants. If it’s time for an HVAC deep-clean, give the Milestone Indoor Air Quality team a call and allow us to take care of the issue for you! Each of our experts are trained to inspect your home for the following problems when evaluating the cleanliness of your ducts:

  • Presence of dust and biological pollutants inside your ductwork
  • Broken, crushed or punctured ductwork
  • Air leaks in ductwork, specifically in the flow of air form your unit to the interior of your home

Once a Milestone technician arrives at your home, we will remove and clean your vent covers as well as clean the air ducts themselves from the interior. We’ll even disconnect and clean ducts from the starting point in the attic! We also care about our cleanliness in the process, so we use drop-cloths during each visit to make sure we aren’t spreading dust or other air impurities around your home.


Indoor Air Quality

Your home may also be experiencing air loss is occurring through the connections, small holes, and other leaks in your duct system. This air loss can be minimized by sealing your ducts. Milestone provides this service in one of two methods: traditional hand sealing or a computerized aerosol sealant called Aeroseal. Our technicians will inspect your ductwork, share the overall assessed condition, and propose your options if sealing is the recommended approach to minimizing your air loss. At Milestone, we offer a 10 year warranty on any ducts sealed with the Aeroseal method. Learn more at aeroseal.com


There are some instances when simply cleaning your ducts is not enough. As time passes, your ducts will take on damage that could be unrepairable, including poor insulation on the outside layer. If you are experiencing severe differences in temperatures from room to room in your home, this could be the case for you. Should you decide to move forward with a duct replacement, our technicians will calculate exactly how much air each room in your home needs, design a plan that works best for you, and walk you through all your options before beginning any removal and installation services.

Whether your job is big or small, Milestone is here to ease the burden of keeping your home in pristine condition. Call us today at 214-267-2405 or 817-267-2405!


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