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We Remain Open To Serve You!  We’re essential to your home which means we stay open through shelter in place.

We Remain Open To Serve You!

We’re essential to your home which means we stay open through shelter in place.

Milestone Technician Helps Teens

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Milestone technician Wayne was driving down the road when he noticed a couple of older teens stranded in the middle of the road with a flat tire. And they didn’t look at all confident they knew what they were doing.

“My first thought was that was awful dangerous to be doing in the middle of the road, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing,” Wayne said. “So, I pulled up next to them and asked if they had ever changed a flat before.”

They just kind of giggled and Wayne knew that meant they needed help. And he not only helped them – he taught them, too.

He showed them how to set the jack in the right spot, and how to loosen the lugs before raising the car.

“We never even thought of that!” they told Wayne.

After mounting the new tire, and lowering the car, Wayne advised them to go as soon as possible to get the temporary spare replaced with a proper tire.

“Before I sent them on their way, I made a last check to make sure the lugs were on tight,” Wayne said.

Wayne also told them one of the reasons he stopped was to uphold Milestone’s philosophy to help out with little extras whenever we can.

“We call it ‘Give ‘Em A Pickle’” Wayne said. He could tell they were confused so he explained it was exactly like going to a restaurant and asking for extra pickles. A good restaurant will just give them to you without making a fuss or charging you more… just like Milestone always looks for ways to give you extras at no charge.

Thanks Wayne for going out of your way to stop and help. That’s a great Pickle!

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Call Milestone

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